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Introduction Section

Welcome SEO Agency Owner, Web Master, Hiring Manager or Recruiter, 

My name is Ron Honda. I am an 11 years experienced SEO job seeker with a unique, proven results oriented skill set. I have directed you here attempting to communicate more details above and beyond standard cover letter & resume information which you now possess. I am seeking a permanent position ideally, on a telecommuting/work from home basis, though I will certainly consider freelance work as well. I am an American citizen living in the Toronto area, so I have full status and ability to work in the U.S. or Canada.

Here is the $64,000 question; How would you or your clients like to organically rank extraordinarily well in an inordinate quantity of 25-50 North American markets (without the exorbitant PPC expenditures) and dramatically increase the traffic and revenues of your agency and or your clients? That’s exactly what I would like to help you do. And I have the foundation of skills and a track record to accomplish such a lofty plan.

I have a unique skill set that generates truly fantastic search results – validatable right here on this page in “Google black and white” below. And the fastest way for me to show you what I can do is to simply show you a sampling of 20-25 “print screens” below of actual search results I generated, validating multiple if not numerous top of the first page rankings. Not one or two, or three to five – but boat loads and boat loads of juicy search ranking results! Before you get to scrolling down to the proof images below, here is a brief summary of results I generated:

  1. In one market and 2 adjacent cities alone, I have 5 services/keywords ranking organically on the first Google search page – most of the time in the top 3 if not the #1 slot! This alone is about 12-15 solid top of the first page search results.
  2. In Toronto which is one hour away, I have pages that rank – you guessed it #1 right on the very top of the first page of organic search results below the paid ads.
  3. And not only #2 above, I have searches – an hour away or way more – where I occupy the top 3-4 search results!
  4. 2,500 miles away in Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego, I have pages that rank #1 and # 2 and #3 – all in one search.
  5. In England, I have 6-7 pages which generally rank between #1 to #4. That is in the UK and I am in Canada.
  6. I have pages that rank equally as well internationally in India, South Africa, Nigeria, Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines.
  7. Lastly for everything described above, this is all just one project. It is not for multiple projects. That is a lot of great results for one SEO project.

I have a compelling story; I learned SEO the hard way. While I am really really good at it, I am 95% SELF TAUGHT. I used to own a wellness clinic ( outside of Toronto Canada. My wife is a PhD Holistic Doctor, so we have credibility. I have been doing all of my own SEO for over a decade, but never on a professional services basis until now. Just recently, I have sold my clinic and am moving on to new endeavors. I am not a webmaster. I have simply become highly proficient with WordPress and extraordinary in SEO.

I have learned lots both unconventionally as well as unconventional techniques and have even developed some of my own SEO techniques. I am just now at a point of marketing my skills on a professional basis, so this is very early stage marketing. I have not yet developed a website for this purpose. I am putting this starter temporary page up on my (old LOL) clinic site (probably not ideal) with some “proof” information to convey initially what I can do, so therefore do not be confused in seeing massage, acupuncture and health related information all over the site. The only information about SEO is this one solitary page.

I have validatable unreal search results below that you may decide could be a super value added component to your agency’s offerings which could generate additional revenue streams for you. And not just additional tack on SEO revenue options.

Depending on your size and exposure, this could be packaged in such a way that makes your agency rise head and shoulders above the rest – and potentially position you to get jobs that you might not get. Ones that just slip through your fingers, but they chose another agency. What if this could wind up landing you another 10-25-50 jobs a year or more?

What almost every web client and business out there is desiring is exactly what I can do; delivery of top of the first page search rankings GALORE! Not every time, but lots for sure. All I can tell you is I have successfully accomplished this about 40-45 times so far.

Apologies in advance. For some unexplainable reason, the WordPress dashboard/platform gave me a massively difficult, time consuming, hard time in constructing this page. I can only guess it’s because of the large number of image files used messed up the WP code. So LOL while it’s not an impressive looking page, hopefully it impresses with the essence of it communicating one message; solid validatable PROOF of the fantastic search engine results I can generate!

As validation of what I can do, see the following “print screens” of search results where I personally did all of the SEO optimization. Pay particular attention to:

  1. How high up the list each “Renew You” (my ex-clinic) ranking is which is frequently #1 #2 or #3 on top of a first page Google ranking. Look for search results either a) or b)
  2. How many different cities or alternate locations (Hamilton, Ancaster, Stoney Creek, Toronto +++ etc) and how many different service offerings (massage therapy, acupuncture, botox, holistic, colitis solutions, etc) it is highly ranked in. Both of these highly advantageous ranking results are quite rare if not unparalleled because there are so many for one business.
  3. And notice how sometimes it is ranked not just once, but is ranked multiple times per search. For example a second, third or even a fourth time – meaning I not only have the top #1 spot, but the top 3 or 4 spots sometimes. This also has the benefit of crowding out more of my competition which is nice. Again this is a bit rare. But very simple for me when you have the secrets and experience.

All of this is obviously extraordinary exposure for you and your agency’s clients potentially, and gives you the ability to develop and draw business better than all of your competition! If after you review the validation of my unique work, you are interested to learn more, contact me anytime. Thanks a million. Enjoy.

Best regards,
Ron Honda
Cell 1-905-541-1463
eastern standard time (at)


Results Section

A) First the local results

1) Search: massage therapy ancaster ontario
Ranking: top of the 1st page, #1, right after the paid ads

2) Search: massage therapy hamilton (second adjacent city) Ontario
Ranking: top of the 1st page, #2, right after the paid ads

3) Search: massage therapy stoney creek (third adjacent city) ontario
Ranking: middle of the 1st page, #7

Not bad considering Stoney Creek is considered 20 minutes and 2 municipalities away! This is still 1st page rankings – but in an area a good distance away. And the clinic still gets ranked and found and we still draw business from there regularly!



For my local competition, no one is ranking like this in 3 cities. I’m the only one. It’s so not even close that I am found – this well – in 3 adjacent cites (even 5 or more as you will soon see). And this is easy for me once you have the secrets and know how.

In other experiences, first hand, I came across a Toronto professional several years back who was paying “the top SEO company in Ontario” $300 per month on going to try and get good search results. He was way way no where near the first page back then. Now 4 years later I just repeated multiple searches again. And I could not find his business on the first 7 pages of Google! OUCH!!! Bottom line; no one is finding him and he’s doing little to nothing via online generated business. Bummer for him. And he was just salivating on what I showed him I could do.

I don’t think you’ll believe me if I told you what my site generates for me. But we’re just getting started. There is much more below.

Next try;

4) Search: acupuncture ancaster (second service) ontario
Ranking: top of the 1st page, #1 #4 & #5, right after the paid ads

5) Search: acupuncture hamilton (second service & second adjacent city) ontario
Ranking: top of the 1st page, #2 & #4, right after the paid ads

6) Search: acupuncture stoney creek (second service & third adjacent city) ontario
Ranking: middle of the 1st page, #6




































Next try a third service;

7) Search: botox ancaster (third service) ontario
Ranking: top of the 1st page, #3

8) Search: botox hamilton (third service & second adjacent city) ontario
Ranking: very top of the 1st page, #1

9) Search: botox stoney creek (third service & third adjacent city) ontario
Ranking: top of the 1st page, #2

10 & 11) Search: botox burlington ontario & botox oakville (third service & fourth and fifth adjacent cities)
Rankings: middle of the 1st page, #s 6 & 4

KEY POINT #1: Keep in mind Burlington & Oakville are approximately 20 & 30 minutes away. And I am getting ranked and found there.


Without any question, absolutely none of my competition is ranking like this; 3 services in 3 cities or 5 cities plus. I’m the only one. It gets lonely at the top of all these Google rankings and it generates a lot of business for me.

It’s funny where I meet people professionally or socially. If this type of conversation comes up, no knows a thing about what I do or what is involved. I might as well say I’m an astrophysicist. It would be the same reaction. But absolutely everyone envies me and wants my results for themselves if they are in business. Everyone! One person I showed them to called me “Google Wizard”. I laughed.

If you liked this so far, wait until you see the next 3-4 sets of goodies below.


B) Now multiple ranking results in one search

12) Search: colitis solutions hamilton
Rankings: very top of the 1st page, #s 1 & 2 & 3 AND 4!!!
Literally 4 times! (This is real. Do the searches yourself to see.)

KEY POINT #2: Have you ever seen a Google search where a ranking got FOUR listings? My guess is no. This is not a trick. It is not paid advertising obviously. It is not a photoshop illusion. So how is it that I can accomplish this? Answer: Ron’s SEO secrets are the key! Pure high end SEO optimization.

C) How about not so local results?Toronto vs. Hamilton

13) Now let’s combine the results of #10/11 (good distance away) & #12 (multiple listings)

Search: colitis solutions toronto
Rankings: very top of the first page – again, #s 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 !!! Literally 4 times again!

But keep in mind Toronto is… ONE HOUR AWAY! I’m in Hamilton.

If what you or your clients do or offer has some uniqueness or particular specialty, you can market it way beyond the local area if you have this specialized information to use to your advantage. Now you can create value and draw business for yourself in much broader geographic areas. Michelle has new clients come from 60-90 minutes away with some frequency.

























D) How about serious long distance results?
San Francisco, Los Angeles or San Diego

14-15-16) Now let’s let’s see what can happen a real good distance away; like 2500 miles.

Search: colitis solutions san francisco
Rankings: very top of the first page – again, #s 1 2 & 3 !!!

But keep in mind I’m basically on the east coast and San Francisco is the west coast.

And I still can get high rankings in San Fran the land of Journey & Carlos Santana. Los Angeles and San Diego are basically the same thing. And yes this is real. It is not some crazy photoshop thing. Google the searches yourself. You’ll see. It’s for real. The “$64,000 question” is how much would you like this for yourself?






































































E) How about serious long distance results on a different continent?
U.K., India, Australia & other International cities

17) Would you like to see what can happen across an ocean or two?

Search: colitis solutions manchester (or birmingham, liverpool, leeds or bristol. I get the same results.)
Rankings: top of the first page – # 2




















Now keep in mind this is across the Atlantic ocean in the United Kingdom. You might not need to market across an ocean. But the point is if you position yourself to harness my expertise so that you can offer it to your clients and or get this done to your own agency site, you can market yourself anywhere.

If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, how would you like to draw new business from San Francisco, San Jose, Marin, Contra Costa and perhaps even Sacramento? How would you like to expand the radius from which you draw business to 30-45-60 minutes away?

How ambitious are you? Do you have excess capacity for production that you would love to fill? Would you like to keep your pipeline for work regularly topped up?

My modest experience so far suggests I can market myself or my wife’s book absolutely anywhere in the world that they speak English because it is only published in one language so far. I have started the process with all these “proof pages” I am showing you here. 

If you position yourself to harness and integrate my work and secrets, you might be able to increase your business 50-300%. It takes a lot of work! This is no hocus pocus, fast, false promises, scam, non sense ,delete this message, fast stuff. All of my work is clean white hat optimization. You/your clients have to convert your leads. All I knows is I can get you fantastic rankings, increased traffic and your phone ringing more. No question whatsoever. I have done so for my own clinic – well – for years and years.

And I could show you results in India, Pakistan, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Nigeria or the Philippines, but I think you probably get the point by now. My only restriction the English language.

I basically have certain pages that I am targeting to market that are ranking now just like these I have shown you in:

  1. 4-5 cities immediately around Hamilton (my local clinic town – 500,000 population)

  2. 7-8 major cities across Canada

  3. About 25 major cities across the USA

  4. About 5-6 major cities in California

  5. And another 20 of the most populous California cities

  6. So far about 6-7 major UK cities

  7. About 7-8 other major international cities

  8. And more when I put in the time

Manchester England: #3
Leeds England: #3 & 4
Bristol England: #1
Sydney Australia: #3
Melbourne Australia: #4
Queszon CityPhilippines: #1
New Delhi India: #1
Chicago Il USA: # 1 & 2
New York NY USA: #1 & 2
Phoenix Az USA: #1
Denver Co USA: #3
San Antonio Tx USA: #2
Liverpool England UK: #3
Birmingham England UK: #2
Auckland New Zealand: #1
Cape Town South Africa: #6
And there is lots more.

To learn more, contact me to set up a free phone consultation. Call today.
I’ll be shocked if I don’t impress the heck out of you. Appreciate your time.
Ron Honda
Cell 1-905-541-1463
eastern standard time (at)

colitis intnl sydney #3






















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