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People are tired of being patted on the head or worse yet told it’s all in their head or it’s because of their age. Society today is fast becoming aware of how their body works and recognizes a problem or imbalance when change starts to take place.

They are asking the right questions but are not getting the right answers. People want to know WHY they are feeling the way that they are and are MOST interested in having the cause of their complaint dealt with once and for all. Not for it to remain and manifest into something worse and far more serious – this has become common place. Symptom management is primarily all that is offered in mainstream (allopathic) medicine and perhaps this would be fine if it weren’t for the side-effects that accompany the medications, all the while adding further injury to the body.

The following FAQs and LINKS will give further insight into Michelle Honda and Holistic Medicine at Renew You Holistic Health.

1. What is Michelle Honda’s Treatment Approach?

Initially Michelle has a comprehensive case history form filled followed-up with a detailed dialogue with the patient. This discussion would cover the information Michelle needs about you and your individual requirements.
My treatment protocol is tailor-made to each patient. For instance, because of various circumstances certain patients are not able to comply with as many of my recommendations as someone else. And of course, the degree to which a patient is suffering and all that goes along with their individual problems, also dictates different protocols and recommendations.

2. What Else Does Michelle’s Approach Include?

Diet and nutrient assessment. A tired weak body cannot heal itself especially in a timely manner. Michelle quickly determines what has been missing that causes the greatest set-backs and break down of the body. By this she means, how low and unable is the body and person performing (in their past and current day-to-day) routines.
Explanation will be given for the reason for every item or food source that Michelle recommends. Why it is so important to take and maintain, as well as what happens when it is not regularly provided to the body.

3. What Else Might Michelle Want upon First Seeing Her?

1. Any blood tests and all medications with their dosages (if available). If this information cannot be provided (such as in the patient forgetting to bring it with them to the appointment) it can be forwarded to Michelle afterwards. The patient would then relay whatever they can remember about their medication protocols and blood test results.

2. Also any extra health oriented products/foods external to the normal diet in an attempt to be healthier or help their current complaint.

3. She will also ask what you eat on a regular basis and any bad habits you may have. This tells Michelle a great deal about what nutrients are being demanded of most and what ones may be in short supply.

4. What Might My Expectations Be?

To renew tissue and pick up sluggish systems can take a bit of time. It is therefore recommended to have at least one follow up appointment to go through what changes have been made and where there may be challenges. Certain improvements can be seen immediately but this also depends on how well an individual stuck to their protocol and their individual situations.

5. About Michelle’s Services

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7. What is Michelle’s Expertise – Qualifications

8. What Can Holistic Medicine Help

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