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Michelle Honda PhD

Holistic and Naturopathic Medicine, Nutritional Counseling and more are conveniently offered from one professional. Michelle is your complete source for natural health care.

  • Holistic Medicine (Clinical Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Naturopathy, Complementary
    Medicine, Homeopathy and Iridology)michelle-honda-aaa
  • Resolve your chronic health issues once and for all
  • Restore your emotional well being and vitality
  • Learn how to Best Treat Stress in your life
  • Learn how to be energetic and revived all day
  • Get back to a “normal” life again or better!

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Announcement: New Blog

Michelle has her New Natural Health Blog launched for your natural health journey! On this blog, you will find a preponderance of useful natural health tips on many and varied topics – including weekly posts with remedies and solutions from weight loss to chronic health problems. Be sure to visit Michelle on FaceBook, tell your natural health friends and bookmark us. Learn more>>>

Natural Health Book News

Available now, REVERSE GUT DISEASES NATURALLY (Crohn’s, Colitis, IBS etc book). Fully Reverse your Gut Disease and be Medication FREE. Complete step-by-step guide, including diet, replacements for drugs and case histories for complete guidance. Many patients have been symptom free in 30 to 60 days! Learn more>>>


Available now; REVERSE HEART DISEASE NATURALLY. Fully Reverse Arteriosclerosis even complicated plaques are removed following Michelle Honda’s program. Replace the need for cholesterol medication and several others. Learn how to open up your circulation pathways and lower blood pressure while preventing strokes and aneurysms. Learn more>>>

Available now; REVERSE INFLAMMATION NATURALLY. All disease has to do with inflammation! Learn about the severe problems with the anti-inflammatory medications and how to heal using natural safe remedies and solutions. Learn of all the things routinely taken into your body that are building chronic disease such as (heart, diabetes, cancer, autoimmune diseases etc.) and learn about the best methods to be pain free!

Available now; REVERSE THYROID DISEASE NATURALLY – released 2018


Health Programs

Michelle provides effective solutions via safe and natural means for;

We offer “telephone appointments” with Michelle Honda for Holistic Consultations to help get you back on the road to renewed health. So now you can be anywhere in the U.S. or Canada and get top notch quality professional advice for yourself and your family.

Let us help you regain your health and vitality – the natural way! We can help you return to your vibrant self that may have been missing for a while! Thank you for visiting.

Note; effective December 2018, Michelle has her private practice serving clients via Telephone and Skype appointments only. Her practice is no longer Ontario based. And in office, in person consultations are no longer logistically feasible.

To book an appointment, to inquire about services or to pose a question, please use the contact form.

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