Tips To Staying Fit Year Round


With the onset of winter and the holidays, many people find very difficult to stay in shape. Low temperatures can often spur you to follow a diet and weight loss program with more calories, fats and sugars. On the other hand, when we have time off and our mind rests, we are more likely to consume snacks.

In the summer season, we strive to achieve a healthy weight and avoid those extra pounds; we follow a low calorie diet, do exercises, drink more water, etc. Why not do the same in winter? The main reason for this is that many people just want to stay at a healthy weight for aesthetic reasons. In the spring and summer, our body is more exposed and wearing skimpier clothes. When winter, cold weather and warm clothes come, we do not have the same inclination to be at a healthy weight. Wouldn’t a healthy eating regime or a healthy weight loss program year round be more ideal? Of course it would be.

To maintain a healthy weight is something that will benefit you more than an esthetic issue. If you are overweight or suffer from obesity, your risk for metabolic diseases is higher (diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, etc.). With a weight reduction of 5%, this risk decreases. Therefore, your lymphatic circulation will improve, and you will be less likely to have edema and fluid retention. In this article, you will find seven steps to keep a healthy weight throughout the year.

1) Stews And Soups

To swap for cakes, pies and cookies you can choose healthier alternatives with fewer calories, fats and sugars like a turkey chili, chicken noodle soup, gumbo, or any other stew or soup is a great way to eat healthy for the season.

2) Drink Light – Purge Sugar

You can replace sugary drinks and those beverages that contain alcohol for natural fruit juices, water, teas and infusions. For example, you can use non-stimulating teas such as green tea, peppermint, chamomile, etc. Try to avoid coffee. Drinking mineral water is the best way to hydrate you, but if you do not like it, you can replace it with fruit juice diluted with water, like lemonade.

3) Choose Smart Snacks

When we are on vacation or have time it’s common to eat out of boredom. The calorie content of the diet in winter tends to be higher because of this. To avoid gaining weight, you can choose healthy snacks such as fruits, vegetables, low fat cheeses and nuts. If you fancy something sweet you can opt for dried fruits. If you feel like something sweet in the afternoon, you can consume a low-fat dairy dessert. However, remember to control portions, as in many dietetic foods also add calories to your diet, and you will gain weight as a result.

4) Find Some Activity Year Round

In the winter, most people stop exercising. Most of them give the excuse it’s too cold. You need to keep your metabolism active. Go shovel your driveway, rake the leaves, ice the sidewalk; do something that gets you up and moving around. Don’t let your metabolism hibernate. Go to the gym. Make the commitment to use your exercise equipment. Jump on the treadmill or the stationary bike while you are watching your television shows if you enjoy TV.

5) Avoid The Mind Games

Many people become antisocial in the winter months. Cold weather causes us to remain confined in our homes. Maybe your mind tells you it’s time to start a diet, and you are enthused for a few days. Don’t fall into this trap. Take care of yourself and your weight every day – year round. Treat every day like it’s your high-school reunion, and you have something to prove.

6) Keep Up With Your Regular Normal Sleep

Try to keep your rhythm of sleep and wakefulness. Our hormones respond to these cycles, and food is better processed and absorbed in the day time. If you go to bed late one night, try to sleep at least 6 hours and continue with your healthy diet.

7) Do Not Skip Meals

Overeating is common during the holidays or any festive meal. Many people after eating abundantly fast the next day or skip meals in order to “compensate” for more calories. This is a mistake. If you go off the diet for any reason, it is good to stick with a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and water. Do not skip meals because this increases the likelihood of binge eating.


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