Tips For Healthy And Affordable Diet For Weight Loss


In recent years, we have witnessed a phenomenon called nutrition transition. This process consists of a decreased cost with greater accessibility to foods of low nutritional quality as white flour, breads, bakery products, wheat products, fats and oils. Simultaneously, foods of medium to high nutritional quality such as meat, dairy products, fruits and vegetables have become more expensive.

Thus, it is difficult to eat properly when you have a very low budget to do so. In this article, I’ll show you how to make healthy choices for your diet and eat properly without overspending.

Hopefully, these tips will make it easier for you to eat well and live better:

Cook An Extra Meal At Home And Add It To Your Diet

When cooking, you can make and save an extra meal for a special occasion. Thus, avoid eating in restaurants or ordering takeout food that is more expensive and general very high fat. Try to use natural foods and avoid using processed foods. For example, you can make a homemade sauce and store it in the refrigerator.

Another way to save time and money is to wash and cut vegetables, so they will be ready to cook in minutes. Therefore, you can always resort to your refrigerator and make a quick, healthy and cheaper meal at home.

Join A Cooking Co-op

You can form a group with your neighbors, friends and can take turns to cook. In this way, your diet will be healthier. You will eat at home and spend a fun time with your friends. This system is relatively new and is a very good alternative for those who want to eat healthy with friends and save money at the same time.

Use Cash To Pay For Your Groceries

Recent studies showed that when you use cash you are more aware of your expenses, especially those that are unnecessary. Therefore, it is best to avoid using the credit card. You not only will be saving money, but will buy healthy foods for your diet.

Stay Away From The TV

Recent studies have shown that children who spend more time watching TV ads of fast food, ask their parents to buy them. Thus, you spend more money on fast food restaurants, and your diet becomes of low nutritional quality. Control the time and what your children watch on TV.

Skip That Appetizer

Eliminate desserts and snacks from your diet. These meals items only add unnecessary calories and are more expensive. Choose healthy and less expensive options such as fresh fruit, dried fruit or yogurt.

Buy In Bulk

Making a purchase in a quantity of food could be a good choice for your less expensive diet. Organize weekly or monthly shopping with your friends or neighbors. For example, dry food and canned goods, flour, noodles, rice, etc can be purchased in bulk and stored in a cool and dry place.

Keep A Journal

By keeping a journal of what you spend on food, this lets you control and monitor unnecessary spending and adjust your diet according to your needs. For example, write down what you spend each time you make a purchase either by day or week and add it all to control your expenses in the month.


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