The Most Important Tips for Rapid Weight Loss


If you want to be successful in your weight loss process, you should follow these steps. These tips are the base to aim for your ideal body weight.

Drink More Water

You should drink at least eight glasses of water. It will help you to eliminate toxins from your body and also to build muscle. You shouldn´t wait to be thirsty. This is a late symptom of dehydration. In addition, the weight loss process can be easily carried out if you replace your diet soda and sugary drinks with water. Mineral water is the most recommended liquid, because is low in sodium.

Increase the Number of Meals of Your Diet

You should eat at least 4 to 6 smaller meals. This will help you to increase your metabolic rate and to burn fat. Remember that we need calories to digest food, so not eating doesn´t work in a weight loss program. It is better to increase the number of meals in your diet and decrease the portion sizes. If you eat only one or two meals a day, you will probably eat larger amounts of foods, and the excess nutrients are converted to fat in the body.

Work Out With Weights

Add weight lifting to your workout routine, it is the best way for you to maintain or even increase your muscle tone. In order to achieve your goals, you should not only follow a diet, but also complement that with a weight program and a workout routine. At the beginning of the weight loss process, it is normal to lose a bit of muscle mass.

Choose Protein Foods

All protein foods that are low-fat or fat free are recommended to be added to each meal of the diet. Protein foods (low fat dairy products, whites of eggs, lean cuts of meat) will help you to get satiety, rebuild muscle аftеr work outs and maintain leanness of that muscle. In addition, protein foods are very useful to decrease the glycemic index of the whole diet.

Cut Calories Wisely

Most people that want to lose weight and start a weight loss program cut calories from their normal diet. After that, they feel hungry and their metabolic rate falls. As a consequence, these changes can’t be maintained for a long term period.

Reducing calories step by step is the best way for you to start a weight loss program. To achieve this goal, you must increase your fruit and vegetable intake; reduce your intake of fatty foods and control your portion sizes. Most of the empty calories come from sugary drinks and sodas; so it is better to replace them with water and natural juices.

Reward Yourself

If a diet goes well and you are having good results, reward yourself. You can choose a small chocolate or an ice cream. It should always be a small portion, but it is good for you and for your body to include a reward into your diet at least once a week. It is healthier to incorporate fatty and sugary foods – with control – than following a restricted diet because this will help you to avoid binges.

Avoid Marathon Work Outs

Most people that start a weight loss program tend to do an exhaustive and intensive exercise program. This can’t be sustained for a long time period. Instead, you should add little periods of workout during the day. Therefore, you will be more active and will burn fat at any time.

Mix It Up

With the purpose of avoiding being bored with your weight loss program, you can change your workout routine every day. One day you can swim another you can walk or bike. You always have to include the sport that you love. It’s very important for you to go crazy with your exercise routine so you will include them as a part your weight loss and for the rest of your life.

Skip Happy Hour

Avoid alcohol in your diet. Alcoholic drinks have a lot of empty calories. In addition, alcohol inhibits fat burning and accelerates fat deposit.

Try a Low Glycemic Index Diet

To achieve this goal, you should choose protein food in each meal and increase your fiber consumption (adding more vegetables, fruits, legumes and whole-grain breads). To follow a low glycemic index diet is very important because insulin and glucose levels will be stabilized and fat and carbohydrates burning will be raised.


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