Breaking Through A Weight Loss Plateau


Most of the weight loss programs that include diet and physical activity only work for a certain period of time. Many people start a diet with some results to good results. They lose several pounds quickly and they feel happy about this, but after a few weeks the weight loss program doesn´t work anymore. They check calorie counts of the diet and the exercise program, but they are satisfactory. So why does this happen?

At first, it is important to understand that dieting allows most of the people to lose mostly water and detoxify the body during first days, especially the first weeks. After that, the burning fat period starts and the weight loss is minor or even none.

This period is called weight loss plateau. It occurs when the body can´t get enough energy from the diet and the metabolic rate decreases. Your body gets accustomed to your diet and exercise routine. The body creates this mechanism to cope with a very poor energy intake. So, despite dietary changes and your exercise program, weight loss can´t be achieved.

How to Break Through a Weight Loss Plateau

Adjust your energy intake and the number of meals of the weight loss program. Smaller yet more frequent meals stabilize blood sugars. Do not to eat less than the appropriate amount. Increase your fruit and vegetables intake. Also consume a portion of some source of protein foods like lean meat, eggs, and non-fat dairy products and decrease your intake of breads, pasta, potatoes because they contain more carbohydrates and they raise the glycemic index of the whole diet.

It is not important to count calories, but it is important to make good choices. Remember that in order to burn fat the body needs to get some fuel and foods are that source.

Increase Your Exercise Routine

You can also adjust your metabolic rate by raising your exercise duration and to select both aerobic and weight bearing exercises. This can help you to maintain or even to raise your lean muscle mass, which has a very active and elevated metabolic rate.

Also it is important to increase your water consumption and decrease your salt intake in order to eliminate all body waste. Your probability for successful weight loss increases if you perform high intensity workouts daily. Instead of being afraid of exercise, try to love it. After these steps, weight loss will be assured!

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