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(Also known as “Foot Reflexology”)

Where the “eyes are the windows to the soul” – the “soles of your feet mirror all systems of the body”.

Reflexology is a form of body work where your feet get worked on to try and affect positive health changes in other parts of your body. Initially, many people think of it as massage therapy on your feet, but it is much more than that.

Reflexology is a holistic treatment, centuries old where the whole person is treated not just a set of symptoms. The premise is that there are “reflex points” and approximately 7,000 nerve endings in the feet that correspond to every body part, organ, system and gland of the body. By stimulating and firmly manipulating these various reflex points on your feet, a reflexologist can try to affect positive changes in your health.

The reflexologist uses firm pressure on these various foot reflexology points to balance the systems of the body. A huge bonus is it feels just fabulous, it is extremely relaxing and it induces a deep state of relaxation. By the “feel” of your feet and various reflexology points, astute reflexologists can ascertain if there generally may be something going on in an organ or body system. Diagnosis cannot be made, however areas of possible congestion and sensitivity can be identified.

Reflexology is a natural form of healing that promotes the body to re-align itself and to regain its natural state of homeostasis. This therapy can bring relief to a patient suffering from a long-term illness giving them a sense of wellbeing and easing their physical and mental stress. However, it isn’t necessary to have a condition to benefit as it is deeply relaxing and stress reducing resulting in inner calm and increased energy.

And with this service being conveniently offered at Renew You in the Ancaster Meadowlands, it is only minutes from most locations around Hamilton, Stoney Creek mountain or Dundas. Plus it is ultra convenient with all the power centre stores nearby. Do some shopping and get a relaxing treatment on a Saturday even! What a great way to start your weekend!

Advantages of Reflexology at Renew YouRichard RMT 2

Reflexology at Renew You is provided by Richard Everett RMT Hamilton Registered Massage Therapist. Because reflexology falls completely within the scope of a massage therapist, you may use your extended health benefits for massage therapy to cover reflexology! Fan-tas-tic!!! This unusual exception and advantage is not the case anywhere you go. In fact, it is far more a rarity. So use your benefits and come in for a fabulous reflexology treatment with Richard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Get A Reflexology Treatment?

  • Stress related conditions
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Menstrual disorders
  • Arthritis
  • Back / Shoulder pain
  • Tension headaches
  • Digestive problems / disorders
  • Allergies / hypersensitivities
  • Urinary dysfunctions

What Should I Expect During A Treatment?

  • Remain fully clothed except for removal of socks and shoes
  • Feet may be bathed first in an Epsom salt / tea tree / peppermint  essential oil blend while the Reflexologist takes a full Health History.
  • You comfortably lay face up on a massage table, pillowed and blanketed for comfort.
  • The Reflexologist will assess your feet and fully relax them with a series of massage techniques.
  • A firm, yet comfortable pressure will be applied to your feet in order to identify areas of congestion using a greaseless, hyper allergenic lotion.

Is Reflexology Treatment Ticklish?
No, firm pressure is applied to alleviate this possibility. That being said the treatment should not be painful either. The Therapist needs to know the areas that are sensitive as this may correlate to areas of congestion in your body. These sensitivities will be added to your Health History. During therapy the soreness should subside as they are worked on further.

How Will I Feel After A Treatment?
Most people state that they are in a calm and relaxed state afterwards. Occasionally, patients may become emotional or a little “sad”, depending on their current life circumstances. Please note that any form of body work can trigger these feelings. And, although these may be temporary, these releases are needed in order to move forward to start the “emotional” healing process.

How Safe Is Reflexology?
This therapy is completely safe and can be administered to infants and to the elderly.  It does not interfere with any concurrent medical treatment. Treatments could be performed daily, however this is neither necessary nor pocket book friendly.

How Often Should I Get Treatments?
Everyone is unique and the therapist advises the patient after their initial assessment what is advisable. If a patient has an acute condition, bi-weekly therapies may be suggested, tapering off as their condition improves.

Other Interesting Comments About Reflexology

  • The American Cancer Society journal found that one third of Cancer patients used it as a complementary therapy.
  • It is a treatment that can be used in conjunction with other conventional medical therapies as there is absolutely no confliction.

What Are The Benefits Of Reflexology?

Just about everyone from tiny babies to the very elderly benefit from reflexology. It is not just for helping the sick become well; it is all about being pro-active by maintaining health and keeping the body in the best possible condition.

The treatment is very safe and non-invasive that sessions every day would be tolerated by anyone and beneficial to everyone. From the pro-athlete to the terminally ill all benefit profoundly!

Skin Disorders
Most have origin in the digestive system, caused by allergies to food, or sensitivities to external environmental factors.  Regular treatments can strengthen the digestive system, improve elimination (reducing toxins) and relax the entire body, thus improving the condition of the skin.

Digestive Disorders
Conditions most improved are; indigestion, constipation (and intestinal problems) and food allergies. Reflexology strengthens the digestive system allowing inflammation and congestion to be reduced, initially caused by a reaction to certain foods. Once the system is healed, excessive mucus production is eliminated.

Respiratory Disorders
Conditions most improved are; bronchitis, asthma, emphysema and respiratory tract infections. It addresses the underlying causes of respiratory diseases and treats the lungs directly as well as digestive areas. There is a strong link between digestive and respiratory systems  since mucus membranes line both, when one is effected so is the other.

Circulatory System
Reflexology supports the post operative care of heart attack patients and helps to arrest the symptoms of; angina and irregular heart beat and stroke victims. It is imperative that treatment is given to stroke victims as soon as possible after their stroke and on a daily basis to achieve maximum benefit. All forms of circulatory problems can be improved.  Do you find you suffer from cold feet and hands?  Then this treatment is ideal for you.  Also, anyone diagnosed with diabetes can greatly benefit from this treatment.

Lymphatic System
It aids this system by eliminating excess fluid from the body, especially the legs, feet, fingers and hands.  This may be resultant from a long periods of sitting immobile as seen in long plane or car rides. Post mastectomy patients that experience pain and swelling due to the removal of their lymph nodes gain relief and find a reduction in their over-all anxiety levels.

Endocrine System
Stress is very much linked to this system. These conditions may be expressed as; migraines, indigestion, angina, colitis, asthma and back pain. Reflexology relieves these stress related problems. And when tension is relieved, the immune system is no longer depressed.

Solar Plexus
The solar plexus is a grouping together of nerves that lie behind the stomach. It is the seat of emotions and is a good indicator of ones emotional health. It creates a feeling of well-being when this area is worked and has a profound relaxing effect on the body. In Eastern modalities, such as Reiki, this is the Chakra that is the energy centre of the body and one of the 7 meridians. This will be further explored in the Reiki section.

Nervous System
The conditions most improved, if treatment is administered in the early stages of onset are; Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease. In Reflexology, the brain and central nervous system are probably the most important areas to work. A short treatment will aid in reducing tiredness, headaches and even menstrual cramps. The entire body can be stimulated by addressing these areas.

Ear, Eye And Sinus Disorders
Conditions that it helps are: Tinnitus (ringing in the ears), tired and strained eyes; Conjunctivitis; ear, nose and throat conditions in children; Sinusitis; Neuralgia or other forms of facial pain; and tooth and jaw pain. Please note that when tooth pain is involved it can give temporary relief until a Dentist is consulted for further treatment.

Musculoskeletal System
Conditions treated are: Lumbago, Arthritis of the cervical spine, chronic neck inflammations, Sciatica and Whiplash injuries. Reflexology can help to decrease the discomfort, ease the inflammation and bring joint function back to normalcy. In advanced cases of degeneration improvement may be limited; however reduction of pain, and stiffness and improvement in the quality of life will be noticed.

Urinary System
Conditions treated are: Bladder infections, urinary incontinence and kidney problems. It relieves these conditions by stimulating the whole pelvic cavity which in turn improves the nerve and blood supply to the urinary system.  When toxins are eliminated and tension is broken down, the healing process begins. With the stress taken off of the kidneys, blood pressure is lowered.

Reproductive System
Conditions helped are: Menopause, ovulation pain, ovarian cysts (in early stages), PMS (imbalances in the hormonal system are normalized), Infertility and irregular and painful menstrual cycles.

It helps to relax the entire body and in doing so stress is reduced.

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