Quantum Biofeedback Therapy

Energetic Healing at its best!

Quantum Biofeedback is a state of the art biofeedback system that based on over 30 solid years of research and was developed by a former NASA scientist.

Simply by freeing up these energy blockages and boosting immune function, you unleash the body’s natural power to heal itself.

Why Is Quantum Biofeedback So Intriguing?

One reason is because of the wide variety of things it has the ability to help with.
Two is because of how versatile it is.
Thirdly is because of the sheer amount of information than can be gleaned non-invasively in 4 minutes. =

  1. One gal had her hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms disappear.
  2. For another gal who is trying to lose weight, her appetite decreases over 50%.
  3. For a borderline diabetic, her blood sugar readings drop to 4-4.5 from 8-8.5.
  4. A 6 year old boy with significant anger issues, stops having school problems and starts to make friends after a modest amount of therapy.
  5. A guy’s 25+ year severe ragweed allergies abates.
  6. A gal with back pain from a car accident in the 1970’s finds permanent relief.
  7. A gal gets the first normal thyroid test in years after a bit of therapy.

What Is Quantum Biofeedback?

Quantum Biofeedback is a computerized energetic therapy device that can help people with their health & psychological issues by reducing the stressors that affect your health

What Can It Help With?

The device can help with a wide variety of issues from menopause to joint pain to depression to immunity issues to weight loss to chronic fatigue and much more.

How Does It Work?

The device affects change by sending “frequencies” or energy into your body which reduce the stressors that may be affecting your health. When your body is more balanced energetically, it can self heal. The therapies are safe and painless. Most people do not feel anything at all.

The Quantum Biofeedback works by measuring minute electromagnetic signals of our bodies down to the cellular level. In essence, it basically reduces stress and stressors in our bodies like toxins and pathogens which can therefore remove energy blockages and boost immune function.

What Kind Of Information Can It Give You?

You get feedback on over 9800 items after a 4 minute non-invasive test – anything from vitamins, minerals, hormones, toxicity, sensitivities, pathogens, and much more.


The QXCI/EPFX Quantum Biofeedback device has the ability to help a very wide variety of health concerns. Persons who are particularly drawn to it are;

  1. Persons who have an incurable problem
  2. Persons who have a mysterious un-diagnosable problem or
  3. Persons who have a chronic problem that is not healing itself via other therapies or modalities.
  4. In general, persons who are interested in alternative health also like the holistic approach of the QXCI.

Renew You offers a FREE 15 minute in-office or telephone consultation with Ron who has been working with the device for 10 years to see if he can resolve your concern or situation. To schedule a consultation or for more information, please contact the clinic. We are happy to discuss your situation and health history to see if we may be of service.

Imagine yourself feeling normal again. 
You can get your life back now!
With Quantum Biofeedback – The Future Of Energetic Healing.
Don’t wait. Call today.


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