The Gerson Miracle Documentary
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This eye opening documentary on a natural, safe nutritional cancer protocol – called The Gerson Therapy – will provoke you to rethink other traditional options to cancer treatment.

Should you choose chemotherapy and radiation which compromises your immune system? Or can you consider a natural option that is very safe and many times highly effective? This information has been hidden from you since the 1930s.

The following are 9 sequential YouTube segments of the entire documentary on The Gerson Therapy. It’s truly reality altering how impactful proper nutrition can be on your health!
To start playback, simply click the arrow > button at the center of each screen.
To pause the playback, click || at the lower left corner.

The Gerson Miracle Segment 1 of 9

The Gerson Miracle Segment 2 of 9

The Gerson Miracle Segment 3 of 9

The Gerson Miracle Segment 4 of 9

The Gerson Miracle Segment 5 of 9

The Gerson Miracle Segment 6 of 9

The Gerson Miracle Segment 7 of 9

The Gerson Miracle Segment 8 of 9

The Gerson Miracle Segment 9 of 9

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