Food Matters: Movie Trailer
Extraordinary Documentary


Does Quality Food Really Matter to Your Health?

How important is “real quality” food and nutrition to your health? This information will astound you and really get you thinking about the food industry, the choices you make and what you feed your family. Food really does matter!

The following is a 3 minute YouTube video trailer for an extraordinarily insightful documentary on the food industry and proper nutrition. And just how shockingly impactful proper nutrition can be on your health! Or how a lack thereof can lead to disease and ill health. We encourage you to take 3 quick minutes to view this shocking trailer.

As Michelle Honda’s work is virtually all about nutrition and the foods we eat, it is very appropriate that this movie trailer is shared with the Renew You community and the world at large. You are what you eat.

If you found this trailer to be very interesting, we encourage you to educate yourself by seeing the entire move: VIEW MORE>>

Our frequently asked questions page is very helpful in considering working with Michelle; Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)>>

Michelle Honda has the ability to help a very wide variety of health concerns. Persons who are particularly drawn to her are; 1) persons who have an incurable problem 2) persons who have a mysterious un-diagnosable problem or 3) persons who have a chronic problem that is not healing itself via other therapies or modalities. In general, persons who are interested in alternative health also like Holistic Medicine.

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