Tips For Great Massage Therapy


Having too demanding of an employer or too busy of a family life makes you forget that your mind, body, and soul necessitate some time for relaxation. And although a lot of other activities can be done, massage therapy is not always at the top of the list because life is so busy and hectic today.

Whether your purpose is to improve body function, heal some pain or just to get some relaxation, it doesn’t matter because you deserve a massage of your own preference. You wouldn’t want to go to have massage therapy to de-stress, and end up more stressed and tensioned due to the treatment not meeting your needs. But this sometimes happens. When you go to a massage treatment, you and your massage therapist too should assure that comfort and peace of mind is achieved from the minute you start the treatment until the moment it ends.

Helpful Tips For Great Massage Therapy

Communicate – Communicate – Communicate

First: with real estate as an example, they say it’s all about location, location, location. With massage therapy, it’s communication! The very first thing to keep in mind is to achieve an open client-therapist relationship. You should establish a good rapport with your massage therapist. Always feel free to speak up during the treatment to let them know your preferences on more or less pressure. And don’t hesitate for a second to tell your massage therapist what you need and what you want. After all, you paid for it.

How Much Pressure Do You Like?

Second and foremost, massage therapy is largely about the pressure being applied to a particular part of your body. Pressure is the heart of massage therapy that gives the art of doing it. This being said, you might want your massage therapist to exert more or less pressure to a body part where you are in pain. Tell them! They cannot read minds. Everyone likes different pressure. The more your massage therapist knows about you, the better they can serve your needs. Trust me; they would rather have more feedback than less. You are not going to hurt their feelings by giving them direction. They are professionals.

Talking Through A Massage Therapy Treatment

Third, especially if the massage therapist is inexperienced or brand new to you, let them know how much or how little you may or may not want to talk. This is a really important one. Some therapist’s personalities are to talk all the way through their treatments. They may have almost all regular clients. They treat them repeatedly weekly or monthly ongoing, have lots of familiarity and rapport gets built up. This lends itself to regular conversation. Other therapists never utter a word.

The question is; what do you prefer? Here is an example of a common normal request; “I am OK chatting for the first 5 minutes, but then after that I want to be quiet and relax.” If you are OK talking let them know and how much. If you prefer to have 60-90 minutes of absolute and complete silence, let them know. If they are good, they want to give you the best treatment that you want. It just must be understood that this type of service is not a “one size fits all”. Every therapist is different – every client is different.

What Do You Want Worked On?

Fourth, you can also tell him or her to focus on a particular body part which requires extra care and attention. It could be your low back, hands, feet, or head – just tell them because it is a normal request worth noting. While massage therapy lends itself to having a medical focus, it is not like going to a doctor where they tell you what you need to do.

If you know what you want, you must make the request. Do you want just your back and shoulders worked on? Or do you want a full body massage? Are there areas you want them to skip? Here’s a personal example; when my neck is extra tight, I know that if I simply ask for some extra neck work, the massage therapist may give it an extra 5 minutes or so more than the “normal routine”. But if I really want more, I should ask for it; “My neck is really tight. Please work on it for 30 minutes of the hour appointment.” And they will happy to honor your request.

How Is The Environment For You?

Fifth, tell your therapist about the room condition. Is the air conditioner too high or too low? Would you prefer more light or a dimmer option? Background music of your liking will also help in soothing and relaxing yourself. Some may allow you to bring your own music. Could a window being opened or closed make for a better appointment for you?


Sixth tip is to request your therapist to give you the level of comfort when unclothing. Normally they will leave the room for a few minutes for you to disrobe and get onto the table and under the coverings. But you can never tell what you are going to get when you try someone new. Certainly styles and practices of massage therapists in general will vary from geographic market to geographic market – country to country. Cultural differences prevail. And when you are travelling, the local practices abroad may very well be different than when you are at home. Schools may teach different routines. Some programs are 2 years and 2200 hours costing multiple tens of thousands of dollars. And in other areas, one can get trained to start off with a stripped down 2-3 month program.

Keeping Yourself As Calm As Is Earthly Possible

Seventh is to keep calm and feel relaxed. Breathe deeply and try not to talk too much. Inform all your preferences prior to the massage therapist for your own benefit. A good suggestion is to try what is called “diaphragmatic” breathing or taking deep slow breathes. Developing the habit of doing this makes a profound difference in your massage. The more psychologically relaxed you are, the more deeply they can work into your muscles.

Don’t Be Rushed

Eighth is to arrive early to the appointment. Having a few minutes to settle in before your treatment starts also helps you to relax even more deeply. Let’s face it, rushing through traffic in your car and scurrying into your massage therapy appointment just in the nick of time does not lend itself to helping you to achieve maximum relaxation. Conversely, having your body loose and your mind calm even before the massage takes place makes a big difference.

Consider Regular Massage Therapy Treatments

Ninth; many people make regular treatments a priority and schedule monthly appointments for themselves. This also makes a big difference. Some even make it a weekly priority. These are frequently referred to as “maintenance appointments”.

Just as with your vehicle, it is better to keep your body well maintained versus waiting to be “forced into emergency repairs when it breaks down”. Stress takes its toll. Muscle tension builds and accumulates with time. Proactive regular massage therapy helps to keep you… “from breaking down”. You’ll have fewer headaches. You’ll keep that chronic back or neck pain down or away. You’ll keep your stress levels manageable.

It can be easily said that persons who do regular consistent appointments have fewer relapses of their pain or stress conditions. They are more relaxed. They handle things better overall physically, emotionally and psychologically.

Use Your Extended Health Benefits

If you have the benefit of having insurance benefits from work, use them. Many people know they have dental or drug prescriptions covered, but they fail to know what else they have coverage for. Taking 5-10 minutes to read that “piece of paper from work” can benefit you greatly. Check out your benefits package. If for example you are covered for a certain dollar amount of annual coverage, why not use it. For many, that could be like 5-10 massage therapy appointments per year.

Also, technically it is like free money. You don’t pay for it. Put it on your credit card, submit your receipts, and you’ll be reimbursed within 30 days typically by your benefits company.

Plus your benefits package is an annually renewing thing. Every year, you either use it or lose it. Why not use it?

And lastly, free your mind, body, and soul to all the causes of your stress. Stop thinking about work or your family and your problems during your massage therapy treatment. Just shut your mind down. Visualize that you are the only person relaxing on a white sandy and sunny beach. The hour or two of massage is about you getting the most relaxed hour for yourself within the next five or more days. Enjoy it and have it your way.

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