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Experience the pinnacle of pure
relaxation, pampering and utter massage
therapy bliss with Hot Stone Massage!


What is Hot Stone Massage Therapy?

Hot stone massage therapy involves the usage of basalt stones which are stones that are formed by the cooling lava following a volcanic erruption.  It is the constant flow of water over the stones that results in their naturally smooth texture and unique shape. Most are found to be a blackish colour. This form of massage is considered to be a geo-thermo-hydro therapy, which involves the therapeutic use of stones that are heated in water.  This therapy is known for it’s ability to heal the body by opening up the blood vessels and allowing new nutrients to flow and restore balance in the body.

What to Expect from a Hot Stone Therapy Treatment

Once your therapist has had a chance to go over your health history and any concerns have been adressed you are ready for your hot stone massage! Your therapist will begin with therapeutic massage and alternate with the hot stones. During your massage it is very important that you comminicate with your therapist to let them know that you are comfortable with the temperature of the stones and the pressure. There are various sizes of stones which will be placed stratigically over the body for a more effective treatment. Once your treatment has been completed you will feel relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed!

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage Therapy

  1. Increases circulation
  2. Reduces overall stress
  3. Decreases back/shoulder/neck pain
  4. Decreases joint pain
  5. Decreases tension headaches
  6. Promotes well-being and relaxation

The Convenience of Renew You & the Meadowlands

  1. Convenient evening and Saturday appointment time options
  2. Convenient free parking
  3. Easy to find, easy access and easy to get to Meadowlands professional commercial location: Golf Town store strip mall plaza
  4. The many and varied Meadowlands stores (Costco, Home Depot, Winners, Home Sense) make it convenient to save time and run several errands in one area
  5. The Ancaster Power Centre in Hamilton is only minutes from Stoney Creek, and is generally only 5 – 10 minutes maybe slightly more from a good majority of Hamilton, Waterdown and Brantford

Extended Health Benefits Coverage

Most people do not know registered massage therapy is frequently covered by their extended health plans. So if you have a plan from work that covers medical, dental or prescription drugs, usually that plan covers massage therapy as well. If you have coverage, you either “use it or lose it” every year. Why not use it?

Many Renew You clients use their benefits for hot stone massage and get reimbursed. Generally speaking, your insurance benefits cover specific services – as long as they are provided by qualifying certified professionals like an RMT. So as your Hot Stone Massage is being provided by an RMT at Renew You, you can use your benefits and get reimbursed. Check your benefits for details.

Fee Schedule for Hot Stone Massage

  1. 1/2 hour – $75
  2. 1 hour – $125
  3. 1 1/2 hours – $175

HST tax is already included above. Hot stone costs more than standard massage therapy rates because of the extra time required for preparation, maintenance and sterilization of the stones and equipment.

What is a Registered Massage Therapist?

A registered massage therapist (RMT) is a health care massage specialist who is qualified to assess & evaluate your condition and then carry out treatments accordingly. An RMT must meet significant educational standards and must be provincially licensed. Massage therapy consists of manual therapy techniques, physical modalities, specific exercise programs and many other specialized approaches – including hot stone massage.

For more information about how hot stone massage therapy can help you or to book an appointment,
please contact the clinic. Call today!

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