Have An Easier Pregnancy With
Pregnancy Massage (Prenatal)


If you ever wondered if being pregnant will stop you from having a massage therapy, the answer is NO. A pregnant woman can still have her massage sessions safely. You could possibly argue that the fetus or baby might be affected by the massage negatively. But the fact is that massage therapy is truly a wonderful recreation for mothers – to relax and de-stress their body under the hood of nine months of carrying the infant – as well as for the baby inside. The benefits are many and varied.

Benefits of Prenatal Massage

Even if your purpose is only to unwind or just to breathe deeply, you cannot escape the fact that Prenatal Massage or pregnancy massage therapy is going to deliver numerous benefits to your system. Basically, these benefits are identical to a regular Swedish massage. Some of what prenatal massage brings are listed below:

  1. Decreases possibilities of high blood pressure
  2. Promotes muscle relaxation from tightness or tension
  3. Enhance posture, bone structure, and develop deeper breathing
  4. Increases blood and nutrients circulation as well as lymphatic flow, which are necessary in getting rid of toxins
  5. Improving immune system by returning homeostasis – the best body condition that fights injury and illness
  6. Faster healing of strained muscular tissues

Further benefits to pregnant women are as follows:

  1. Lesser premature birth rate
  2. Reduced obstetric and postpartum complications
  3. Reduces the development of varicose veins and the swelling of hands and feet
  4. Relatively less painful deliveries
  5. Decreases chances of postpartum anxiety caused by lesser stress hormones found in the blood

Registered Massage Therapy In Ontario Canada

In Ontario, massage therapy is a provincially government regulated medical health profession. Massage therapists who take a rigorous 2 year, 2200 hour program and pass government mandated licensing and certification tests are designated as an RMT or a registered massage therapist. Because of these high standards, significant time investment and heavy focus on medical conditions, many candidates do not pass and move on to develop careers in professional massage therapy. But also because RMTs have in depth training, they can treat many medical conditions and ailments.

And of course one of these specialized training areas is treating expectant mothers! RMTs are well trained in the area of providing prenatal massage therapy. It might be sugegsted to not go to anyone who has not had rigorous training such as an RMT.

Massage Precautions

Even though massage therapy brings nothing but good health to a pregnant woman, the therapist must be aware of some precautions necessary for the mother-to-be client. It is worthy to note that during the first trimester of pregnancy, any form of massage therapy should be completely avoided. It is in this stage of child-bearing that a woman is experiencing drastic physical and hormonal changes. Other stress-relieving activities can be done though, such as heads up massage, facial, manicure, or pedicure.

Other health cases including high blood pressure, diabetes, and fever in addition to vomiting, varicose veins – prior to the session – and abdominal pain should not be given any massage therapy. Furthermore, the therapist should avoid applying deep pressure and heat for the safety of the infant inside. Several pressure points on the body and along the feet should not also be triggered as those trigger points are believed to affect early contractions and labor. RMTs are well versed in these issues.

Moreover, the therapist should prepare special pregnancy cushions to achieve more comfort in lying on the back, on the side or on the stomach. Soft background music, dim lighting, and warm linen will also make the massage therapy experience a satisfactory one. While the massage is taking place, the therapist should also pay attention to other sources of discomfort.

Although limited to the second and third trimester of pregnancy, prenatal massage therapy is still the best way for the expectant mothers to keep relaxed and stress-free. Along with regular professional checkups, a balanced diet and exercise, massage can make the baby as healthy as possible when they meet the world.


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