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Bursitis is a term given when the bursa becomes inflamed, normally due to an injury. The bursa is a fluid-filled bag that drains around joints and tendons. There are multiple causes for bursitis, but in most cases are achieved when an injury is caused from a bad or jerking move. Thus, athletes are more likely to suffer from bursitis more often than people who do not do sports. Another very common cause of bursitis are articular pathologies among which are arthritis and infections remaining in these areas.

Bursitis is a painful inflammatory process. Symptomology occurs sometime thereafter, usually within a period of several days. In order to achieve a rapid relief of symptoms, it is recommended that the patient to rest. If the patient´s health status does not improve, bursitis can be treated with drugs to reduce pain. Anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics are the most prescribed drugs for the treatment of bursitis.

As bursitis is a condition exhibiting pain and inflammatory symptoms, massage therapy is a natural choice to aid in the healing process.

Within our body exists more than 150 bursa. They are located in areas of the body where there is rubbing of bones, tendons and joints. Bursa is a form of cushioning that allows proper operation of the bones and joints. Therefore, when the bones fit together properly around the joints and tendons, there is an avoidance of painful friction accompanying movement. Bursae are found next to the cells that produce synovial fluid, which moisturizes the body areas that are in motion. Places of the body where the bursitis occurs more frequently are: elbows, knees, shoulders, wrists and hips.

The likelihood of developing bursitis is higher in cases of persons engaged with continuous movements of a particular body part. Such is the case of the gardeners who use their hands to work the land or as do the carpenters. These people are prone to bursitis in his elbow. How to avoid the development of bursitis is to perform a proper warm up before working, to exercise the bones and tendons.


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