Massage Therapy
Benefits Your Sleep


Have you ever had nights when you waited all night to fall asleep, but no matter what sleeping position you tried, it just doesn’t allow you to fall asleep? With the broad field of medicine, you don’t necessarily need to suffer from those sleepless and unproductive nights. Massage therapy is a good alternative for those who refuse to take sleeping pills.

In layman’s terms, massage therapy is literally done by touching or massaging your muscles to be relaxed and release all the tension at the same time. It became a first therapeutic option for people with sleeping problems.

In scientific jargon, massage therapy is able to shutdown the sympathetic nervous system and activates the parasympathetic system. This allows neuromuscular complications to be remedied, though more importantly it allows the body to relax. As a result, you can go to bed the night you go for massage therapy and be ready for a trouble-free sleep.

This relaxation technique increases your daytime performance by reducing your frustration and anxiety of tossing and turning from sleepless nights. Moreover, massage therapy delivers numerous benefits to our health such as; it reduces toxins in our muscles, it prevents or improves injury(s), and it improves blood and nutrient circulation. It not only has external physical advantages, but also internal psychological benefits which results in better physiological responses on the body. Or bottom line, you’ll be more relaxed and you’ll sleep better.

Some studies show that even adults with chronic fatigue syndrome can have improved sleep after daily massage therapy for just ten days.

Massage Oils and Balms

Aromatherapy massage relaxes your muscles and allows blood and lymph to circulate better. Because of the release of natural pain-killing endorphins, a back massage reduces nerve irritation and heals many health complications too.
A therapist may use various sweet-scented balms and oils for massage therapy. The natural aroma of these balms and oils together with the texture and feel they offer results in a calming and peaceful treatment.

Insomnia Solution

Insomnia is a common problem to hospitalized people and to others who develop this sleeping disorder. Because most people refuse to take benzodiazepines or other insomnia relieving pills, non-drug alternatives are popularly used such as massage therapy. The University of Arkansas conducted a study regarding this and proved that, indeed, it is effective especially to old ill men.

Connecting Via Infant Massage

A study that included both children and teenagers who received massage therapy for 30 minutes daily for five days slept longer and better. In addition, an infant who wakes up in the middle of the night may benefit from this “calming touch” if given by parents. Even in a small period of time, infant massage therapy can nurture your child as the baby gains more weight and develops mental and motor aspects rapidly. Not only does the massage therapy help those mentioned, but also a nice parent-infant interaction is developed.

Massage Therapy Techniques

If you have a partner that you want to spend some time with especially with your hectic schedule, giving him/her a massage at night could be a good way to reconnect and rekindle your relationship. The bottom line is; the more relaxed you are, the better you’ll sleep.

Listed below are common massage therapy approaches which are widely used:

  1. Swedish massage uses smooth yet flowing strokes. It enhances your relaxation, blood circulation, and soothes muscular tightness.
  2. The Deep-Tissue or also called as Neuromuscular massage aims to release tension on so called “trigger points” of our body.
  3. A massage specifically designed for athletes’ injuries and prevention of it – Sports Massage – holds pressure to tendons and ligaments.
  4. Reflexology is a massage therapy style of sorts that aims to relieve tension on your body by stimulating the “reflex zones” on our feet and hands.


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