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Massage therapy is a technique that has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. Not so long ago, this form of alternative medicine was barely known. Today, the different forms of massage therapies have expanded into different medical institutions, spas, hotels, resorts and even workplaces.

Massage therapy is a technique based on the application of pressure on the skin and soft tissues through hands to achieve the restoration of health and wellness. The realization of the massage is performed by a therapist or someone specifically medically trained for this purpose. Massage may be accompanied by the use of various elements such as creams, floral oils, hot stones and incense, all depending on the type of massage that is carried out and the results expected for the patient.

Massage therapy has its origins in Greek and Arabic words meaning use of hands to gently press the skin. Massage is an alternative medicine that has been used since ancient times. It is one of the most antique practices to restore health. Since the 5th century BC, the Chinese used medical massage therapy. Hippocrates was one of the most renowned doctors who use massage therapy for therapeutic purposes. During Roman times massage therapy was performed to the emperors for the relief of various ailments.

Manuscripts have been found detailing the techniques practiced for massage therapy. Thus, it has been proven that many ancient civilizations used massage therapy. These include Eastern cultures like the Chinese, Japanese, Egyptian, Indian and Greek and Roman civilizations. In Canada and the U.S., massage therapy became available in the 19th century. Its growth was gradual as traditional medicine progressed through new technologies and treatments. During this time massage therapy was not considered. However, massage continued to receive attention in the late century when it began to be practiced by athletes to relieve painful muscle injuries.

There are many different techniques used for massage therapy. Each one is characterized by different techniques and desired therapeutic effects. In many cases, people seek a therapist who specializes in a particular technique or to relieve certain ailments such as sports massage. In other cases, people choose a therapist with whom they feel comfortable and it is this person who guides them and tells them what type of massage therapy best suits their needs.

It is important to note that when massage therapy is aimed at relieving symptoms of a disease or condition, it may or may not be prescribed by a physician depending on what province or state you live in. Every area is different. In Ontario, it is not mandatory to have a doctor’s referral as RMTs are highly medically trained here.

First, the therapist must know the physical condition of the patient. This means they need to know about the illness and its symptoms. The age of the patient is also important because the elderly have increased their sensibility. The therapist will require a health history questionnaire prior to the beginning of the massage appointment.

The main benefits of massage therapy are:

  1. Reducing the level of stress
  2. Relieving and decreasing or eliminating pain and muscle tension
  3. Activates blood and lymphatic circulation
  4. Encourages a general state of relaxation and well-being

Massage therapy is a technique in which pressure is applied with the hands and fingers making movements more or less intense on the skin and subcutaneous tissues (joints, tendons, cartilage, blood and lymphatic capillaries). Although the effects of massage therapy are greater in tissues that lie beneath the skin, the positive results are also seen in the deeper areas and even in vital organs. Massage therapy is a very complete alternative treatment tool that helps improve blood and lymphatic circulation. For this reason, it contributes positively to eliminate toxins from the body and detoxification process.

The main goal of massage therapy is to restore or maintain physical and mental health, reducing pain and restoring the normal functioning of organs and systems contributing to achieve a wellness state. Massage therapy is an alternative treatment for those people suffering from the effects of chronic stress and anxiety, muscle tension, insomnia, chronic fatigue, among others. In the case of sports or traumatic injuries, massage therapy is a viable option for the treatment of pain and restoration of health.

The therapist specialized in performing massage exerts pressure with hands and fingers at certain points of the body reaching the muscles, joints, tendons, cartilage and other soft tissues. The goal is to tone and enhance restoration of health to these tissues. This is achieved with more or less intense massage according to the lesion, and the therapist can use other parts of the body to perform an adequate technique such as elbows or forearms.

The various techniques used in massage therapy include: Swedish massage, deep tissue, sports massage, lymphatic drainage, aromatherapy, and acupressure, amongst others. Massage therapy must be performed by a trained person with a title supported by a health institution recognized by the national authorities. In Ontario, to distinguish these professionals, it is necessary to seek therapists who use the title of Registered Massage Therapist or RMT and has a registration or license that allows him/her to practice this profession which indicates both certification and registration with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO).

There are certain medical conditions that massage therapy is contraindicated as several types of cancer, venous inflammation, cardiovascular problems, and skin infections, amongst others. Before commencing a program of massage therapy, consult with a qualified therapist.


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