Indian Head Massage FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions

Indian Head Massage Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Indian Head Massage?
It is a form of massage therapy originating in India that focuses on the head, neck and shoulders.

Why would I want to try Indian Head Massage?
It is very relaxing and de-stressing. Plus many persons really like to have their scalp (and neck) worked on lots in a massage. And frequently the scalp is overlooked in what would be a regular massage therapy appointment.

What is the primary benefit of Indian Head Massage?
Indian Head Massage is extremely extremely relaxing. Many people are surprised at how much stress and tension gets held in head and neck.

What part of me will get worked on during Indian Head Massage?
The primary area of work will focus on your scalp, but will also include your neck, shoulders, upper arms and the face.

How is Indian Head Massage different from regular massage therapy?
The primary difference is in the areas that get worked on; your scalp, neck, shoulders, upper arms and the face – with a large emphasis on the scalp.

What will I experience during a session?
Firm, but gentle techniques are applied to the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face. The focus, however, is on the scalp. The session induces deep relaxation, reducing tension and blockages. Clients tend to feel very serene and balanced after a treatment. Indian Head Massage works on a physical, but also on an emotional level.

How long does an Indian Head Massage appointment last?
If the appointment is solely for an Indian Head Massage, then the duration is 30 minutes. Though Indian Head Massage can be combined with other massage techniques in a longer appointment. For example; you could book one hour or a one and a half hour appointment, and use 30 minutes for Indian Head Massage and the other time for deep tissue etc.

Do I have to take my clothes off for an Indian Head Massage?
No you do not. The therapist can also perform this treatment in a massage chair with the client fully clothed. However, some clients like to combine treatments, having a partial deep tissue massage and then a scalp massage, especially if their symptoms warrant this. In this case, a massage table is utilized but appropriate draping procedures are fully adhered to at all times.

I suffer from frequent tension headaches. What are some of the causes of these headaches and do you think that Indian Head Massage can help?
Yes. Indian Head Massage can certainly relieve and reduce painful symptoms. There are many blood vessels within the brain and these are interlaced with a large number of nerves. These nerves are extremely sensitive to blood pressure changes. Pain results due to many conditions that effect these changes. The many triggers of a headache are; eyestrain, sinusitis, influenza, hay fever, menstruation, high blood pressure, hunger, dehydration, sleep deprivation or loud noises. Taut muscles in the scalp can also cause this discomfort, being described as a tight band around the head. Emotional stress is often the prime culprit. Even knotted muscles in the upper back and neck can refer into the head.

Indian Head Massage can certainly relieve these conditions thus reducing the painful symptoms.  The many techniques implemented during a session encourage the decrease in muscle tension, the promotion of relaxation, the depletion of stress and the reduction of pain.

So if you are seeking some deep deep stress reduction, try Indian Head Massage today!

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