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Before we tell you about some great options for your Crohn’s or colitis solutions, ponder some unusual statistics and this question with us; Who suffers the most from gut disorders like Crohn’s or colitis?

  • Physicians, surgeons  (50)
  • Inn-Keepers  (45)
  • Barristers, solicitors  (44)
  • Seamen  (43)
  • Clergymen, priests, ministers  (34)
  • Butchers  (30)
  • Car men  (28)
  • Farmers  (25)
  • Gardeners  (22)
  • Railway guards, porters  (20)
  • Agricultural laborers  (19)
  • Average among all workers  (28)

Note the statistics published by the Register General of England that medical doctors above other occupations have the highest death rate from intestinal diseases. Doctors! Isn’t that curious? Do doctors have more stress? Do they get exposed to things from their patients? Do they follow their own advice more that do their patients? Do they follow their own advice less than their patients?  Who knows?

These are the $64,000 questions that we cannot answer.

But look further at who suffers least at the bottom of the list. At about only half of what doctors suffer from gut disorders, farmers, gardeners and agricultural workers suffer least! Well that indeed is far more curious, and maybe insightful. Do they eat more fruits and vegetables? Breathe cleaner air? Do they cook food more versus buying processed and convenience foods? Do they take less pharmaceuticals? Do they sleep better? Do they control their stresses better? Who knows? But these are more good questions. Perhaps there are clues in this information for persons seeking effective Crohn’s & colitis solutions.

Find The Best Expert That You Can Find


Natural Solutions Crohn’s Colitis Book by Michelle Honda PhD Holistic Doctor

Early detection will help in many cases, but lifestyle changes, particularly the diet will produce the quickest reversal and healing of intestinal aliments. Michelle Honda Holistic Doctor has a Ph.D. in Holistic Health Sciences. Her educational background includes 10 years of nutritional study and more. Her nutrition diploma, her bachelor’s degree, her master’s degree and her doctorate all focused on nutrition and the lifetime body of work of Dr. Bernard Jensen the pre-eminent clinical nutritionist of the 20th century.

Her knowledge of food and how it affects the body, but more importantly how it affects diseases is in rare company. Plus Michelle did her Doctorate on the major gastrointestinal disorders of Crohn’s, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome and diverticulitis, so she is an expert of experts on these disorders. These conditions are largely diet related, and Michelle has excellent results with her patients with these disorders.

How Can You Improve or Resolve Your Crohn`s or Colitis?

In her book “Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally” newly revised (Hatherleigh Press ISBN 978-1-57826-596-1), Michelle Honda PhD Holistic Doctor shares all of her nutrition, health and healing secrets – 100% of everything that she does in her private practice; all natural ways to heal Crohn’s and Colitis. We also could easily say improve or reverse as well and those would all be true using Michelle’s system of natural health which lead to effective solutions.

Reversing symptoms and reversing further progression is the norm for Michelle’s Crohn’s and colitis patients using her all natural program that many times results in full healing and recovery. If you seek effective natural solutions, natural treatments and or natural diet advice – especially from a high end natural health professional with tremendous clinical experience and proven results, you have come to the right place.

Yes this may sound too good to be true. You may have been chronically sick for years, and your medical doctor may not have returned you to good health. You might not believe things you find online. You might ask, “Can this “natural stuff” that my doctors never speak of and I’ve never heard of do something positive for me?” You must be your own judge. But our answer is emphatically YES! Natural is the only way to go.

If you continue to do what you have always done (pills and surgery), you will continue to get what you have always gotten (your results). The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Perhaps if the time is right for you, it might be time to try something new (nutrition and a full holistic approach).

Here is what happened for one of Michelle’s patients this year 2015 – in only 30 days of being on the program. Observe the chronic nature of his journey, as well as the healing benefits obtained. Michelle’s book and methodologies and this testimonial are going to dramatically transform a segment of the Crohn’s and colitis community; real solutions, solid and safe dietary advice (finally) and treatments that provide significant healing progress (Thank God finally).

Jason’s testimonial April 2015

“I would like to let people know out there who has CROHN’S DISEASE that there IS HOPE AND HELP out there to reverse your condition! I went to see Dr. Honda approximately one month ago and she literally CHANGED MY LIFE ! Having had Crohn’s Disease over 12 years, I cannot believe the sense of FREEDOM I AM FEELING TODAY! Dr. Honda has specialized training in treating Crohn’s Disease…. and I could not be more thankful that I came across her practice!”

“To be honest, my first impression of the program I was put on ….. WAS overwhelming. There were vital supplements to take, I had to do juicing on a regular basis and it was important to follow up with Dr. Honda so she could re-evaluate my progress and make any changes necessary.”

“Well, it was the BEST decision I EVER made regarding my health. The first IMMEDIATE improvement was that my ENERGY increased significantly. Not only did my pains and discomfort subside but I noticed for the first time in my life that I did NOT have any blood in my stool. I went from over 10 bowel movements per day to only ONE or TWO. Even my mood improved. I felt more alive!”

“While I give Dr. Honda all the credit for my change in health…. SHE is quick to want to give ME all the credit. She insists that … she can give you all the guidance and knowledge in health she knows….but the bottom line is …. The client DID the work! Thank you Dr. Honda for taking such an interest in Crohn’s Disease and wanting to help others get well. God Bless You ! I AM GRATEFUL.” Jason (100% true story)

You too can gain progress like Jason. Simply get Michelle’s book and start the program.

You know what you’ve been told; “Diet has no effect on Crohn’s or colitis?” “Flare ups tend to come and go for years.” “There is no cure.” And “After the first surgery, there’s a strong likelihood we’ll have to remove more of your colon later on.” You know all the consequences of Crohn’s and colitis. Perhaps now is the time to try a fresh, new and safe approach that offers solid solutions and results.


If you would like some true real progress, get yourself a copy of Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally on or a local book store and start the program. 100% of everything Michelle does with her patients, she literally put EVERYTHING into the book, so you can get the same results for yourself at home anywhere in the world. It takes some work, but it’s worth it.

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Our frequently asked questions pages on the book and herself are very helpful in considering working with the book and or Michelle directly.

If you prefer or need professional guidance, you can book appointments with Michelle in office or by telephone appointment by contacting her clinic Renew You 905-304-0111. So whether you are in Mississauga, San Francisco, London, Sydney or New Delhi, everyone with Crohn’s or colitis can obtain significant solutions. The only limitation perhaps is reading and or speaking English.

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