Micro Bacteria’s Food Supply: Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis


Cut of Micro Bacteria’s Food Supply to Heal Gut Disorders

The goal of the special carbohydrate diet is to nourish the individual and decrease nourishment of the harmful intestinal bacteria. With the reduction of intestinal microbes, stress on the intestine decreases allowing specific carbohydrates requiring minimal digestion to be absorbed, essentially leaving none to further procreate in the intestine.

Once the body no longer needs protection from harmful bacteria, the production of mucus is reduced and carbohydrate digestion is improved, replacing malabsorption with absorption. All the cells of the body are now being fed, including the immune system which is instrumental in conquering microbial invasion. This specific diet aims for the reduction and altering of bacterial growth while providing an optimum state of health for the individual.

The standard Western diet of high fat, high carbohydrate, highly processed foods with many additives and preservatives is the root cause of many digestive disorders.

According to Patrick Donovan Naturopathic Doctor of Seattle Washington there are many causes of gastrointestinal disorders, including dietary and nutritional factors, food allergies, viral and bacterial infections, parasites, and stress. “There can also be secondary to problems with the pancreas, liver or gallbladder, all of which are involved in the digestive process.” Dr. Donovan says, “Many of these disorders involve inflammation of part of the digestive tract which may be secondary to any of the above causes.” Disturbance of the digestive system can lead to malabsorption and nutritional deficiencies.

How can you improve or resolve your Crohn`s disease or Ulcerative Colitis?

Early detection will help in many cases, but lifestyle changes, particularly the diet will produce the quickest reversal and healing of intestinal aliments. Michelle Honda has a Ph.D. in Holistic Health Sciences. Her educational background includes 10 years of nutritional study and more. Her nutrition diploma, her bachelor’s degree, her master’s degree and her doctorate all focused on nutrition and the lifetime body of work of Dr. Bernard Jensen the pre-eminent clinical nutritionist of the 20th century.

Her knowledge of food and how it affects the body, but more importantly how it affects diseases is in rare company. Plus Michelle Honda did her Doctorate on the major gastrointestinal disorders of Crohn’s, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome and diverticulitis, so she is an expert of experts on these disorders. These conditions are largely diet related, and she has excellent results with her patients with these disorders.

If you are not local to the clinic, Michelle can conduct telephone appointments with you very easily. So if you have a phone, you can now successfully improve your Crohn’s or colitis.

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Michelle Honda PhD has the ability to help a very wide variety of health concerns. Persons who are particularly drawn to her are; 1) persons who have an incurable problem 2) persons who have a mysterious un-diagnosable problem or 3) persons who have a chronic problem that is not healing itself via other therapies or modalities. In general, persons who are interested in alternative health also like Holistic Medicine.


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