Carrot Juice Aids Healing of Crohn’s & Colitis
Toronto Ontario

Diseases such as Crohn’s as well as most other gastrointestinal complaints have several commonalities in the area of food intolerances. Part of my initial protocol in treating these ailments always involves the juicing of carrots as a primary ingredient. Patients in acute stages find it difficult to digest many substances and malnourishment ensues.

Why Choose Carrot Juice?

Unadulterated raw food in the form of easily assimilated carrot juice is highly beneficial for Crohn’s patients and other gastrointestinal disorders. The benefits range from its nutritional value to boosting and supporting the immune system along with other functions and systems throughout our body.

The availability of nutrients utilized by this form of nutrition is second to none. Think of the fine, delicate root fibres of a carrot. Once the minerals past through this intricate maze, the job is complete. The body does not need to break down any mineral compounds in order to digest this fluid.

Nutritional Benefits of Juicing

Carrot juice is teeming with immune supporting nutrients which are invaluable to a Crohn’s – colitis sufferer or other similar ailments. Elements such as Falcarinol and beta carotene are ideal for enhancing restoration of gut tissue and healing lesions and broken capillaries.

Liquid Verses Whole Food

Fibre is often a problem for Crohn’s sufferers, especially in the initial stages of healing. Carrot juice provides the nutritional value without the difficultly of digestion and irritation.

Diarrhea is a major concern with Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis

At the University of Maryland Medical Center, Steven D. Erlich, N.MD. suggests carrot for the treatment of diarrhea, a common complaint of Crohn’s disease patients. Loss of electrolytes and other elements is a constant problem in anyone experiencing frequent diarrhea. Carrot juice is wonderful for returning balance of these loss nutrients and the loss of fluids.

Nutritional Value of Consuming Carrot Juice

Individuals with Crohn’s, colitis and other gastrointestinal problems typically have difficulty taking in or holding onto the nutritional properties of food. Carrot juice provides a wide range of vitamins and mineral which not only feed the patient but promote healing as well. A few common nutrient deficiencies are zinc, folic acid, calcium and vitamins A, D, and K. Carrot juice is also a good source of B vitamin complexes, C and E. Calcium is known as the knitter in the body which helps repair the intestinal walls. Zinc and vitamin A really boost the immune system.

Benefits of Anti-Oxidants for Crohn’s and Colitis

Other aspects of healing are the antioxidants in fresh raw juices. These valuable components are lost to heat and processing. Antioxidants also assist in reducing pain while strengthening tissue such as the fine delicate capillaries which promote bleeding when they rupture.

As a practitioner, I notice when a patient incorporates the juicing of vegetables with carrots as the primary ingredient, they experience an increase in energy and an enhancement to their healing process. I always promote raw vegetable juicing where healing and restoration of tissue is required.

In the case of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis patients, I recommend one pint to be consumed two or three times a day for quicker healing results. Other vegetables may be added to the formula depending on individual requirements. Juicing carrots and other compatible vegetables is one of my favourite tools to boost vitality and over all health of my patients.

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