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By Michelle Honda PhD
Holistic Doctor


The following information is presented by Michelle Honda PhD Holistic Doctor as an overview of some of the aspects involved in treating the condition Autism.

Autism has increased tenfold in the last fifteen years. Without question there is a reason for such an escalation to occur. Despite many years of assuming that autism is primarily an untreatable brain disorder, today many children are being helped to get better by treating biological imbalances and the potential culprits rather than treating the resulting behaviour.

Through trials, scientists have identified autistic patients with nearly double the levels of oxidative stress than healthy controls. Oxidative stress is the result of excessive free radials.

Our brain cells are highly susceptible to the damage from free radials and in particular, the young developing brains of children. Our brain cells are protected by the antioxidant glutathione which is found in every cell in our body’s and is our livers main antioxidant. Autistic children have been evaluated with brain inflammation, high levels of toxic metals and low levels of the antioxidant glutathione, zinc, MT (metallothionein) and sulfur. In addition, poor functioning digestive systems including leaky gut and allergies.

Damaging Levels of Oxidative Stress and Blood Vessel Function
Although Autism is described as a complex neurological disorder; oxidative stress is one feature area, characterized by an imbalance of the antioxidant defense system and an increased free radial production. Through low antioxidant levels, children with autism are less able to detoxify heavy metals such as mercury found in the air, food and a vaccine preservative called thimerosal.

Research led by Domenico Pratico MD, an associate professor of Pharmacology, published their study in the August 2006 issue of the Archives of Neurology demonstrating the first observation that the rate of thromboxane (an index of platelet activation), and prostacyclin synthesis (a measure of blood vessel activation) are both not only significantly increased in autism, but are closely correlated with the rate of oxidative stress, compared with controls. His colleagues reported, “Children with autism have significantly higher urinary levels of isoprostane, thromboxone and prostacyclin.” Dr. Pratico’s team further measured the levels of isoprostane, a chemical byproduct of free radials that attack fat cells and discovered that autistic patients had approximately double the levels of oxidative stress. Shedding more light on the relationship of oxidative stress and blood vessel health to the pathology of autism could lead to improvements in therapy.

Antioxidants Benefit Autism
Dr. Alexander Schauss comments on the above study in reference to reducing oxidative stress. He suggests that by consuming quality juices that contain high levels of antioxidants, a reduction of oxidative stress and improvement of blood vessel function may be possible.  Further studies are taking place in these areas.

Brain Inflammation and Immune Response
It has been reported in several studies through brain imaging, a correlation between brain inflammation and autism. Dr. Herbert, a Harvard pediatric neurologist knew they had an important finding when observing the white matter of the brain as opposed to just looking at the cerebral cortex, prompting the question, “Could white matter become chronically inflamed?”

Flavonoids Reduce Oxidative Stress and Inflammation
A host of benefits are demonstrated after consuming flavonoids (antioxidants), from mild and protective to fighting degenerative diseases. Noticeable progress in the areas of reduced inflammation and epileptic seizures; improved behaviour, mental clarity and relationship interactions and calming, following regular consumption of flavonoids.

Dr. Rimland, founder of the Autism Research Institute is considered a hero for his unrelenting dedication to autistic children bringing hope and revolutionizing the field of autism. Although unaccepted by others in his profession, Dr. Rimland believed that drugs often caused more harm than good and conducted tests to identify problems in metabolism which he corrected with natural substances through the use of diet and supplements.

How Does Michelle Honda Treat Autism
She incorporates the same principals as the above doctors do, with amazing results. She works with the best antioxidants known in natural medicine to reduce the damaging effects brought on by oxidative stress. She also addresses all aspects of an individual’s health according to their own unique situation. For example; behaviour, learning abilities, calming and agitation, coordination, hormonal aspects and nutrition.

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Michelle Honda PhD has the ability to help a very wide variety of health concerns. Persons who are particularly drawn to her are; 1) persons who have an incurable problem 2) persons who have a mysterious un-diagnosable problem or 3) persons who have a chronic problem that is not healing itself via other therapies or modalities. In general, persons who are interested in alternative health also like Holistic Medicine.

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