Massage Therapy
Can Renew Your Body


Get pain relief today. Massage therapy is conveniently available minutes from Hamilton and Dundas at Renew You Holistic Health in the Ancaster Meadowlands. Same day, evening and Saturday appointments are available. We are in the vicinity of Silvercity, Costco and Home Depot – right next to the Golf Town store & Quiznos.

Massage therapy is a technique in which the hands primarily are used to put pressure on the skin and the tissues beneath it. It can also be performed using equipment specifically designed for that purpose. The benefits of massage therapy go beyond those related to the muscles. It also helps to relax and remove pressure on tendons, joints and eliminate fluid retention in lymph, as well as it assists in relaxing your nervous system.  In recent years, more information has been obtained about this practice and found that massage therapy’s benefits extended to other vital body organs. Massage therapy should be performed by a trained and skilled person.

These are some of the properties of massage therapy:

Massage therapy is a technique used since ancient times not only to achieve health benefits, but also as an antidote to aging. Sometimes it was even used to treat more serious diseases. It is an ideal treatment to combat fatigue, stress, alleviate pain and facilitate muscle relaxation. It also has benefits for mental health by promoting the secretion of endorphins that stimulate wellbeing. As a result, massage therapy goes beyond a simple solution to relax the body.

Through massage therapy people can achieve the reduction of tension in muscles and other tissues such as the subcutaneous connective tissue. It also stimulates muscle tone. Among the main properties related to other organs is its ability to activate the circulation favouring the blood supply to tissues, oxygenation and detoxification of the whole body. In addition, massage therapy stimulates diuresis and the release of toxins through the lymph. As a result, it is useful to treat fluid retention (edema) and weight gain.

Other beneficial properties specific to massage therapy include:

  1. Pain Relief: This is accomplished in part due to stimulation causing the release of endorphins and, inversely, the decrease in tension and contractures
  2. Increase the feelings of well-being, by stimulating circulation of the endorphins
  3. Improvement of cardio respiratory fitness
  4. Increase and stimulate the self-healing processes of the body by decreasing tension
  5. Calming, clearing and relaxation of the mind

Another major benefit of massage therapy is the reduction of inflammation and chronic pain, as well as, it is useful to mitigate fatigue. Resulting from our fast paced way of life, it has become normal where many people feel tired and unable to perform daily tasks. The constant pressure in different areas of life can leave a person suffering from chronic stress and reduced immune function. Disease onset becomes more likely. Among the most common consequences of stress are contractures and muscle strains, backaches, anxiety, headaches, digestive disorders and insomnia. Treatment with massage therapy can help achieve full remission of these symptoms because it attacks the root cause of stress and promotes relaxation of the body and mind.

Finally, another benefit of massage therapy is to reduce digestive spasms and decreasing the smooth muscle contraction of gastrointestinal wall. In addition, massage therapy allows drainage of fluids through the nostrils. Thus, massage therapy is a useful tool in treating various musculoskeletal disorders of the body like sciatica, low back pain, frozen shoulder, stiff neck, elbow tendonitis and more.

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