Tips To Prevent Constipation


Natural Solutions Crohn’s Colitis Book by Michelle Honda PhD Holistic Doctor


Consume Lots Of Fluids

Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day will help you keep your intestines hydrated. Bowel movements increase with cold fluids, especially after fasting. If you suffer from constipation, try drinking cold orange juice before breakfast. Throughout the day, increase your intake of water, teas, soups and fruit juices.

Consume 15-25g Of Fiber A Day

Fiber is needed for treatment and prevention of constipation. Fiber is the indigestible part of vegetables and fruits (seeds, shells and hard parts). The fiber that helps move the bowels is the insoluble type which absorbs water and helps the formation of the stool. To meet your requirement of fiber per day, you should include at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables, eat bread, pasta and grains, and add a tablespoon of wheat bran to your soups, juices and broths.

Don´t Skip Breakfast

First meal of the day is the most important to avoid constipation because, on one hand, there is  a gastro enteric reflection allowing bowel movement and, on the other hand, having been resting the digestive system overnight, so waste and fecal matter is formed more easily. Because of these reasons, it is advisable to eat a breakfast that includes milk with probiotics (Lactobacilli), fresh or dried fruit and whole wheat or bran bread.

Make Time To Use The Toilet

To move the bowels and prevent constipation, you should be in a comfortable and relaxed environment. If you’re used to eating breakfast and rushing off to work, you’d better get up half an hour before, and give yourself time to go to the bathroom to empty your bowels. It is not good to wait and hold the stool because the colon continues absorbing water and fecal material and consistency of stools increases making it difficult for their removal later.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise will help you to prevent constipation as it will keep your bowels moving. Abdominal exercises will help you more. Furthermore, you can include a walk of 30 minutes per day. Leave a sedentary lifestyle and try to do some exercise you like.

Consume Fruit Or Juices Containing Sorbitol

Sorbitol is a natural sweetener in prunes or dried apricots that has high hygroscopic power (capacity to absorb water) and keeps intestines hydrated preventing constipation. You must be careful not to abuse and not consume too much of this sugar and sweeteners that can bring abdominal pain as a result of high consumption. It is better to choose natural sources.

Manage Your Stress Level And Learn To Relax

Stress and fatigue can bring consequences to your intestines, either diarrhea or constipation. Try to use relaxation techniques like breathing exercises, yoga, etc.

Don’t Ignore The Urge

It can result in a worsening of constipation and painful bowel movements. When you have to go, then go.

Get Hemorrhoids Treated

If you suffer from hemorrhoids and painful bowel movements or feel you are unable to move your bowels, you should consult a physician, and they will recommend some anesthetic cream.

Consult Your MD If Medication Is Causing Constipation

Such is the case of calcium supplements. If this happens to you, you should talk to your GP and they will change the drug dosage or possibly replace it with another.

Long Distance Telephone Appointments

If you are not local to the clinic, Michelle can conduct telephone appointments with you very easily. So if you are anywhere in North America, you can now successfully receive high end, specialized help for your Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis. If you are local to the clinic in Hamilton, Toronto or Mississauga Ontario – by all means come in for your appointment. If not, telephone appointments are very popular and convenient.

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