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Note: This program will be fully rolled out again at Renew You in DURING 2014

Are you desperate for some pain relief?

If the answer to that question is yes, Renew You’s chronic pain program may just be for you. We offer a safe and effective option for extreme, long term chronic pain situations. Applying rare and highly unique massage techniques, Specialized Registered Massage Therapy unlocks the mystery of chronic pain.

This program may have a high degree of effectiveness to provide significant relief for many persons in the following situations;

  • Five to Twenty+ year chronic pain cases
  • Cases where the strongest medications may not help
  • Cases where you want to be taken to the emergency room
  • Cases where you may not be making progress with other disciplines
  • Challenging motor vehicle accident cases
  • Situations with significant post surgical restrictions

Sound incredible? If so, we are glad you found us. If you are one of these types of cases, you need to read on… (more information)

Chronic Pain Massage Program Specifics

What Is It?

Specifically, the work is registered massage therapy that uses a variety of extra specialized gentle massage techniques designed to alleviate the cause of pain. These techniques are very safe, particularly very gentle, yet highly effective.

What Types of Pain Can It Help?

The good news is the program can help a wide variety of pain situations including the following;

  • Pain so severe Demerol or morphine may be required
  • Back, neck & shoulder pain
  • Feet, knees, leg and arm pain
  • Migraine headaches (chronic)

Cases where other disciplines may discharge you without results because you are a “mystery” to them.

  • Carpel tunnel
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Post surgical situations
  • Phantom pain (amputees)

How Does It Work?

The basis of this work is to apply gentle massage techniques that focus a little bit more on loosening up bones and joints versus muscles and connective tissue. This rare and unique body of work focuses on identifying and alleviating “joint dysfunction”, and works towards correcting the underlying cause of the pain which more often than not is in a completely different part of your body (referred pain).

What Exactly Is Being Done?

To be as accurate as possible, Sarah is gently massaging areas around joints and bones where she is trying to relieve tension, reduce inflammation and increase joint mobility.

What Makes This Massage So Effective Against Pain?

While massage therapy will routinely address muscles, ligaments, connective tissue as well as joints and bones, this program focuses a little bit more on the relationship of bones to one another which has been found to provide benefit many chronic pain situations, though not all.

How Effective Is The Program?

The program has a high degree of effectiveness overall. To many of our clients, this work is a God send because it frequently is able to get results where nothing else is working. But don’t get unrealistically excited, it is not perfect by any means.

Some clients get results of 100% improvement permanently, while others are beyond satisfied simply to get a 70-80% reduction. Some cases are beyond her ability to help. And yet for others the best we can do is to help them get a good amount of temporary relief where an ongoing regular maintenance program is necessary. Results certainly run the full spectrum of possibilities.

Just like everything else there are varying degrees of success here. Though keep in mind the severity of these cases are ones that we frequently hear that nothing else at all period is helping – they are either extreme in the absolute level of pain or extreme in the inordinate long term chronic duration or both.

Bear in mind this program’s focus are the really extreme cases – chronic and long term. If you have only hurt yourself in the past few months and or can continue working, you do not yet qualify for this program. It is reserved for the truly extreme extreme cases. Who Is — RMT? — is a formally trained and licensed Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) here in Ontario. What makes her unique is this body of work that she practices and the type of extreme cases she is able to help.

What Can You Realistically Expect?

Some people (but certainly not all) may remarkably experience up to a 50% pain reduction after the very first treatment. Others may take 3-4 sessions before they start to see benefit. Because many of these cases are so severe, some clients view them as a success if they are only able to receive 40-60% pain reduction understandably. Some we can get back to 100% while others are ecstatic to maximize their progress at a 70-80% relief. And a percentage only gets temporary relief they are so bad. Every case is different.

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Chronic Pain Program Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to call or e-mail us if you have any questions. You may write out a detailed health history of your case, forward it to us by e-mail or fax and we’ll be happy schedule a free 10-15 minute telephone consultation to discuss it with you.

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