Chronic Pain Massage
Program Specifics

Note: This program will be fully rolled out again at Renew You starting in 2014

Program Overview

Here are the basics;

  • You come in for 1 hour massage treatments once per week consistently on an consistent basis. The only exception is some of the cases need 2 treatments in the first week.
  • Each session only costs $77.00 (standard 1 hour massage therapy rates). — is an RMT and her work is covered by extended health benefit plans.
  • The scope of her work requires a minimum commitment of 3 treatments. From there she will have an idea of how far you can get and how long it may take.
  • The results are cumulative, and consistent weekly continuity of treatments is very important.
  • The work is largely above clothes. Wear loose, thin, comfortable, casual clothing. Do not expect miracles (though some call it just that), but do expect more than more than what little progress you may have made so far elsewhere.

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Chronic Pain Program Specifics>>
Chronic Pain Program Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to call if you have any questions. You may write out a detailed health history of your case, forward it to us by e-mail or fax and we’ll be happy schedule a free 10-15 minute telephone consultation to discuss it with you.

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