What Causes Vertebral Subluxations and Low Back Pain?


The causes of vertebral subluxations are many and varied, all of which an individual might be exposed to on a daily basis. Fortunately, doctors of chiropractic are specifically trained to detect and correct the causes of subluxations and eliminate your low back pain. These causes may be physical, chemical and emotional in nature.

Physical causes include:

1. Weak or imbalanced spinal musculature
2. Acute bodily trauma
3. Poor postural habits
4. Improper workstation habits and design
5. Repetitive motions affecting the spine

Chemical causes include;

1. Poor diet and nutrition
2. Alcohol and drug use and abuse
3. Chemical toxins in our food, air and water

Harmful chemicals decrease the body’s ability to function optimally and reduce the body’s successful adaptation to internal and external stressors. This in turn makes us more susceptible to spinal subluxations and the consequences thereof.

Emotional causes refer mainly to stress. Excessive stress or inadequate stress coping skills deplete the body’s ability to sustain normal functions. The medical research is well documented with the impact of emotional stress on physical health. Stress can have devastating effects on the immune system making the body more susceptible to injury and disease.

A doctor of chiropractic can effectively correct vertebral subluxations to alleviate your back pain or other musculoskeletal pain condition. If you are seeking pain relief today, call now.

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