Vertebral Subluxation and Low Back Pain


Chiropractors are unique in their training as they are the only ones who can detect and correct vertebral subluxations as they manifest themselves in a condition called the “vertebral subluxation complex”. These vertebral subluxations contribute to a number of spinal and extra-spinal disorders like low back pain, chronic pain and other musculoskeletal pain disorders.

What Is A Vertebral Subluxation?

A vertebral subluxation occurs when one vertebra is misaligned or has lost its normal contiguous position/relationship/motion with the vertebra above or below it. Mechanical stress is generated when vertebrae within the spinal framework do not function properly leading to wear and tear of spinal muscles, ligaments, discs, joints, and other spinal tissues.  Pain, inflammation, muscle spasm, hypertonicity and/or diminished spinal mobility may gradually ensue.

Vertebral subluxations and other spinal abnormalities furthermore have the potential to impair proper nerve function due to the mechanical and physiological relationship between the spinal column and the spinal nerve roots – therefore causing low back pain problems.

Once you compromise nerve function, communication within the body becomes less effective jeopardizing the whole body in terms of its health and wellness.

What Is The Vertebral Subluxation Complex?

Through extensive chiropractic research 5 components of a vertebral subluxation have been identified. Collectively they are referred to as the vertebral subluxation complex.

  1. Kinesiopathology – the loss of normal vertebral positioning and motion relative to neighboring vertebra.
  2. Myopathology – Spinal musculature undergoes pathological changes including hypertonicity, spasming, fibrosis, weakness and in general aberrant function.
  3. Neuropathology – Injury or irritation to spinal nerve roots through compression, stretching or by chemical means.
  4. Histopathology – Pathological spinal tissue changes.  Some examples are: abnormal bony growths off the vertebral bodies and joints; adhesions and fibrosis of spinal muscles and ligaments and of course dehydration and degeneration of spinal discs.
  5. Pathophysiology – Biochemical changes that take place in the spinal region including those of an inflammatory nature after tissue injury and those involving removal of waste products.

Important Factors For Success For Pain Reduction From Chiropractic Work?

Proper healing occurs when each component of the subluxation complex is eliminated.
In this way the rehabilitation process can be successful.

Within the context of the subluxation complex, it must be said that pain is but a small element of most diseases and disorders. It is also a very poor indicator of need for further treatment as pain generally subsides well before tissue healing and mechanical normalization have taken place. Meaning your pain symptoms may go away while the cause of the pain may still need mechanical correction.

It is suggested to communicate with your chiropractor and to stay committed chiropractic treatments until the cause is corrected. It is a shame to do some partial work where the pain subsides, only to have it become re-aggravated and require additional work.

For some conditions, a fixed amount of work may only be necessary. For example, one person may only need to receive 5 to 10 chiropractic treatments and they may be 100% good to go without maintenance. While another person may need to do a larger amount of work and then scale back in the frequency of appointments to the point where perhaps a once every two to four week maintenance appointment is necessary to maintain optimal pain free health.

Every case is different. Conditions, response to chiropractic work and rehabilitation varies from person to person. Your chiropractor will know what is right for you.

The good news is a chiropractor is trained to address low back pain and other issues for you. If you are seeking pain relief today, call now.

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