“Lord save us all from… a hope tree that has lost the faculty of putting out blossoms.”
(Mark Twain – American author, 1835 – 1910)

These series of children portraits were shot at Guria, in Varanasi (Benaras).
Those happy faces belong to amazing children who would like to have a normal childhood like any other child in the world.
They have hope for a better future.

Guria is a Human Rights organisation fighting against the sexual exploitation of women and children, particularly those forced into prostitution and trafficking.
Manju and her husband Ajeet Singh are running this non-profit organisation at great personal risk, providing shelter and hope to many children.
They need any kind of help (money, food, toys, clothes,…) in order to carry on their task.They are facing many difficulties from all those who would like to use those children as a second generation prostitution.
Manju and Ajeet Singh are modern heroes, this is why I decided to upload a few pictures connected to their work.

A few days ago they were nominated for the 2010 Front Line Award, a international foundation for the protection of Human Rights defenders.

There are many ways to help and give a kind of support to Guria, this is its website, www.guriaindia.org and you may contact Manju and Ajeet at guriaajeet@rediffmail.com

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