CCMBA Energy Healing
Hamilton Workshop
Saturday December 3, 2011


Are You Seeking Significant Healing?
See miracles happen!
Perhaps experience one!

(Complete Cellular Mind Body Alignment)
An Extraordinarily Power Energy Healing Technique

Learn to Heal & Reverse
Challenging Health Conditions

Via CCMBA healing;

  • A gal had a 100% cessation of her hot flashes for 5 months.
  • Another gal with 4 years of unsolvable pain issues from a car accident had her pain symptoms diminish over 75% rather quickly.
  • A dog in her old age was having horrible seizures 3-5 times per day had her episodes vanish!
  • A gal with inoperable cancer is ecstatic that her last CT scan showed no tumour growth for the first time.

The technique’s originator has had tens of thousands of miraculous healings occur ranging from;

  • The spontaneous healing of bones
  • To full recovery from emotional or physical traumas
  • To healing from serious conditions (cancer & more)
  • All the way up through people walking away from their wheelchairs!

The CCMBA technique is a simple hands-on energetic healing modality where, through prayer, God or spiritual healing energy is channeled through the facilitator to the healee. It has repeatedly has been claimed by researchers to be the most powerful “Hands-On-Healing” Technique in the medical and spiritual fields today.

Should you or someone you know be suffering from some highly challenging or degenerative condition, you owe it to them to share this healing opportunity. PASS THIS ON TO A FRIEND. God can potentially heal anything! (Including chronic back or musculoskeletal pain, scoliosis, cancer, in-curable conditions, fibromyalgia, Alzheimer’s, Crohn’s, IBS, MS, CP, ALS, migraines, emotional trauma & much more).

Date:     Saturday December 3, 2010
Time:     2:00 PM to 6:00 PM
(Please arrive 15-30 minutes early as we’ll start promptly.)
Location:    Many Mansions Spiritual Centre (
180 Beach Blvd Hamilton ON. L8H 6V9
(3 min. from QEW & Centennial Parkway)
Facilitator:    Ron Honda (workshop instructor) (
Cost:   $40.00 Donation to MMSC (normally a $60.00 workshop) 100% of proceeds will go to support this spiritual and healing center.

To register and confirm your attendance, call or E-mail:
A name, telephone # & e-mail will register you. Donation at the workshop is fine.

Tremendous healing potential is available via this technique for any physical conditions or traumas.

  • The technique is very powerful, yet very easy to learn and facilitate.
  • Neither previous experience, nor any special levels of skill nor intuition are required.
  • Anyone can learn this technique and immediately turn around and help others.
  • One will honestly be amazed at how simple, yet powerfully effective it can be.
  • Both individuals wanting personal healing as well as therapists seeking new ways to compliment and enhance their practices will find this work of high interest.
  • And the results available via this technique can sometimes be surprisingly fast.

The CCMBA Energy works with the Higher Self on the individual’s issues no matter what they are and gets results!

  • Apparently the Energy targets the problem wherever it exists and works on all levels, mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual.
  • Some will release deep seated emotional and physical trauma
  • Others’ bones will realign
  • Some have chronic back/neck pain and/or scoliosis totally disappear
  • Still others will release toxins and poisons from their system
  • Others will have a divine spiritual awakening
  • Others become more energized
  • Some will let go of non-desirable habits (smoking or alcohol)
  • Some get increased healing abilities
  • And still others will gain a totally new outlook on life.

Is this technique so powerful that it’s worth a flight and a trip?

Emphatically YES!!!

I would go as far as to even suggest that if you or someone you love has something BIG and needs significant healing, I would definitely FLY IN and incur some expense to acquire this powerful healing technique for yourself and take it home with you! NO question whatsoever. Don’t be fooled that the workshop expense is so small.

If you have a big health concern, you will get some healing at the workshop most certainly. BUT the best suggestion for you is to find a dear friend or family member whom you have access to that can take the workshop with you and then be able to facilitate it for and to you subsequent to the workshop!

Please trust me; really big things can happen from this work. And anyone & everyone who takes the workshop will be “activated” with the gift, so they can facilitate healing for others immediately. No practice, skill nor intuition is required to become a CCMBA healer. (WOW!) You can then “take the magic home” and facilitate it for your loved ones.

KEY POINTS: Dr. Sharon has told me that the effectiveness of healing from the technique is 100% exactly the same for a person in need whether she herself does the CCMBA to someone or a brand new student who knows nothing does it – it is exactly the same thing! She also says that receiving FIVE CCMBA healings (maybe more) has the potential to significantly benefit literally almost anything! No claims no promises, but when you come to learn of the many beautiful stories of healing from the CCMBA, you will either be highly skeptical or you will start to believe in miracles. Dr. Sharon herself is a walking miracle. God Bless her and the CCMBA.

About Dr. Forrest: The CCMBA technique was originated by Dr. Sharon Forrest ( who is a medical doctor, a naturopathic doctor, a homeopathic doctor, a psychologist and a nutritionist who has some highly unique energetic & spiritual healing gifts. She has been studied by researchers, and is world renowned for her healing techniques. She was directed to go heal people and propagate the techniques to all of humanity. Dr. Forrest also runs a hospital in Mexico, and personally funds and helps to operate 3 orphanages in Peru feeding over 3000 children continuously.

Other comments

1) Please wear comfortable, loose clothing. Particularly bring a small stool, pillows & blankets and or mats (the wooden floor is not overly comfortable when you lie down). Should you eat prior to the class please eat very lightly. Come ready to experience a phenomenal workshop!

2) The workshop will start promptly at 2:00 PM so come 15-30 minutes early to check in, do administration & settle in. Space is limited, so pre-register at your earliest convenience.

3) Location & Directions: Many Mansions Spiritual Centre is located at 180 Beach Blvd just off Centennial Parkway and parallel to the QEW. It is approximately 7-10 minutes from the QEW Burlington, 30-35 minutes from St Catharines or 1 to 1 ¼ hours from Toronto. (Look for a red mailbox & a bus stop out front.) Park on the opposite side of the street is easiest.

4) Tell a friend! Please pass this on to others you know who may be interested.

5) Significant healing may take place for you at the workshop. You will leave with a fabulous tool to help family, friends & yourself. It’s great for helping children & infants. Enough emphasis cannot be made of the ease of learning the technique & its phenomenal power to heal! Prepare to be blown away.

6) Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, EFT practitioners, other energy & body workers, highly spiritual souls and persons interested in natural health care are particularly drawn to this work.

7) This workshop is highly experiential – meaning you will be paired up and facilitate the work for another and then receive healing yourself. Most importantly, you will immediately be able to go home and facilitate powerful healing for others! Heal your family, heal someone in dire need, heal yourself.

Advanced registration required. Space is limited.
Call and reserve your spot today!

What will be your experience? Come and find out! God and this technique have produced thousands of unbelievable healings. If you’re searching for a miracle, you may have found it.

May the light and the love of God bless you.


Group or private workshops are also available. Call Ron Honda today.

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