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ND wanted (pt/ft) for a Multi-Disciplinary Health & Wellness Clinic

Renew You a well established owner operated multi-disciplinary alternative health and wellness clinic with a “strong family bond” oriented environment is looking to expand in an upscale, aggressively growing Hamilton area. The clinic is completely finished with six rooms to generate clinic traffic! The location has very high visibility & high traffic flows with a multitude of large anchor tenants nearby; Costco, Home Depot, Winners, Best Buy – a Box Stores Power Centre!

Concerned about building or moving your practice into a low priority or an “ND is 2nd or 3rd down the practitioner priority list” opportunity or a “recently opened their doors” situation without established activity? Don’t put yourself at someone else’s or the economy’s mercy. Control your own destiny and position yourself in a well established (10 years) multi-disciplinary clinic that ALREADY has demand for an ND and an out-of-this-world online presence! Our demand for an ND is strong. My secretaries tell me we TURN AWAY appointments regularly for new clients wanting to use their benefits. And we accomplish this without even trying and without an ND on staff. So you could get ALL of that business.

KEY POINT: The clinic is fuelled by a ROBUST website ( We dominate Google local searches for all of our services. It may impress you. We get found online BIG. See for yourself. May I insist; try Googling;

Massage Therapy Ancaster Ontario (top of 1st page)
Massage Therapy Hamilton Ontario (bottom of 1st page)
Acupuncture Hamilton Ontario (very top of 1st page)
Acupuncture Ancaster Ontario (mid 1st page twice)
Holistic Ancaster Ontario (very top of 1st page #1)
Holistic Hamilton Ontario (very top of 1st page #1)
Naturopathic Medicine Ancaster Ontario (top of 1st page)
Crohn’s Ancaster Ontario (very top of 1st page twice)
Botox Hamilton Ontario (very top of 1st page #1)
Weight Loss Hamilton Ontario (top of 1st page)
Low Back Pain Hamilton Ontario (top of 1st page #2)

You will find Renew You all over the place in these searches. We are almost always on the first page (75+ % of the time) – typically towards the top. And while not every time, we frequently wind up as #1 #2 or #3 for a local Google search! That means many new clients will find you, especially as 90% of our new business comes from online searches. Fairly similar results are found for all of our services. Imagine that being you for a Google search for your Naturopathic Medicine business! And we only have 2 pages up for naturopathy and have not yet even tried to attract business there yet.

Here’s what we really want to do for you; we want to get you found online in multiple nearby cites like we already did for our Botox practitioner. Try Googling; Botox with; 1) Ancaster Ontario 2) Hamilton Ontario 3) Stoney Creek Ontario 4) Dundas Ontario 5) Burlington Ontario and Oakville Ontario. You will find that Renew You comes up towards the top or on the very top on 5 of those 6 searches. And on one we only come up on the bottom of that first page (LOL). Not bad eh? How much do you think that would impact you building your naturopathic medicine business? Probably huge! The opportunities we can offer you to build your business are literally unparalleled because of my online and SEO expertise.

At Renew You, we can make you THE most found ND online in our area – virtually guaranteed in 4 – 8+ weeks. We have a huge unfair advantage – for you. Obviously you know well that marketing, volume and CONSISTENT exposure are the keys to your success. The steady, continuous stream of new patients Renew You can generate for you; 1) will make establishing a solid practice finally a very realistic reality. 2) Will make your earnings potential upwards of $75,000 – $100,000 or more per year within 18-24 months – no question – maybe even $125,000+. Not bad starting off. Long term you’ll be blessed beyond belief.

The clinic has 6 clinicians working within, including a holistic doctor/nutritionist, three massage therapists, a Botox injector & a biofeedback therapist. So there is a cross referral base in place. Plus our Holistic Doctor is rarely insurance billable, so you’ll get ALL of her business that we flat out CURRENTLY TURN AWAY with high frequency!

The traffics flows are extraordinary. The client base is well established and has lots of extended benefits. The premium location is smack in the middle of a high demand, upscale demographic area and is a location picturesque of prime real estate and demographics considerations for robust growth and perfect positioning for years to come. Location location location. The upside potential is fantastic.

Because of the higher demographic area the clinic resides in and draws from, we always do well. Plus whereas the poor economy has been chewing up other businesses, we are strongly holding our own very well. The clinic is well established – 10 years. The owners are highly spiritual, service oriented and true products of alternative health. Over the course of our 10 years of business, most staff have been with us for 4-8+ years, so this is a long term stable opportunity. We are a premier alternative health clinic. Step right in – very simple.

The practice opportunity is part-time and permanent, and we’ll consider someone who wants to build up to fulltime. It is equally well suited for either an established ND (preferred) wanting to relocate or expand to a second location or a new ND as well. We are looking for someone to start immediately. Included: secretarial support, phones, filing, extraordinary online marketing, laundry & linens. Pay structure is a % split arrangement. We’re looking for a female ND ideally who feels they have excellent clinical and people skills, has a great personality, work ethic, and ideally lives not too far away. Basic writing skills will also be necessary to bulk up the website content for your benefit.

The space is highly desirable for those who know the area and it is right near primary highway access (403 & Lincoln Alexander Parkway). Everyone that lives in Hamilton knows this area very well as it’s so desirable. And the timing is perfect. Don’t lose out; for the right person, this is a rare, dream like practice opportunity. E-mail a resume and call to arrange an interview, a walk through and a chat over a tea. Don’t wait, call today.

Contact Information:
Ron Honda
Clinic Director
Renew You Holistic Health
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