Who’s A Good Candidate for Botox?


The popularity of Botox had been increasing over the last 15 years when it was first introduced as treatment for reducing fine facial lines and wrinkles. While more and more people prefer this type of treatment over other forms like surgery, it also entails that more information has become readily available to other people.

It is a fact that the best information usually comes from people who had undergone the said procedure. Of course, there are still those who are apprehensive, but are still understandable. Perhaps the ultimate reason for this apprehension would have something to do with the questions, “Does everyone qualify for a Botox procedure?” and “Am I qualified?”

Eyebrows had been raised when a popular young celebrity underwent a Botox procedure, considering that she was still too young to actually need one. But really, is there such a requirement to be able to qualify for undergoing the procedure?

Well, most practitioners said that although there were minimal risks associated, it is still important that patients consider having a conversation with the doctor or nurse who will perform the procedure. This is primarily the reason why doctors need to evaluate the patient’s need first prior to the treatment, because there are certain matters that merits the proper understanding.

Initially, one would have to set realistic goals. Each one of us has a unique way of adapting and responding to a treatment. This is why one cannot expect to have the same result with others.

Another important thing that makes a person qualify to get the treatment is if they have wrinkles or fine facial lines that they want to be removed, if they are excessively sweating, or have chronic migraines. Otherwise, there is actually no reason for the procedure. Always remember that Botox is a form of treatment. It is not meant to make the skin softer, smoother, or supple.

In addition, despite the non-invasive characteristic of this procedure, a person who wants to get this treatment must be in good physical and psychological condition. One’s well-being is necessary to ensure that complications can be averted. A sound psychological state would only warrant that the people who will get this treatment are actually doing this for the right reasons and not for something else like an obsession or fixation.

Doctors would also mention that anabolic steroids are an absolute no-no when one is planning on getting this procedure done. A patient should be honest if they are into any anabolic steroid medication because it can in fact interfere with the product and may even lead to complications.

Another thing that patients should be honest in declaring during the patient-doctor discussion is whether they are into any substance abuse like drugs, alcohol, and even over-the-counter medications or prescription drugs. This may alter the result and can even lead to some serious complications if not disclosed.

These are the things that should be considered to know whether one is qualified to undergo the treatment. Thus, it’s better to keep in mind that not everyone can get Botox treatment.

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