Suzanne Horricks
Nurse ClinicianSue-Horricks


Sue Horricks has been a Registered Practical Nurse since 1991. She graduated from Mohawk College in Hamilton Ontario.

Sue worked in long term care for eleven years. Then she worked in two very busy Hamilton area hospitals for fourteen years; working in the medical, GI surgical, cardiac, chronic care and rehab units caring for numerous clients and patients and giving total patient care with IV’s, injections, medications, personal care, emotional support, supervised personal support workers, doctors orders and CPR.

So you can see she has decades of solid experience in patient care and injecting. In June 2010, Sue completed and received certification in Maternal and Child Care.

Sue is a strong believer in daily physical exercise, proper nutrition, anti stress management, proper minerals and vitamins for added support. She started noticing fine lines and skin elasticity decreasing, even while having a daily skin routine and wearing sunscreen, so decided to go to a dermatologist who suggested she try Botox. Just enough to help with the lines on her forehead and crows feet, she agreed to have the Botox.

Just after a few days from treatment Sue noticed fewer lines and smoother skin. Her friends were telling she how great she looked not knowing the procedure she had done. She has been having Botox injections every 4-6 months ever since. Sue loves the results so much she decided to become a certified nurse injector and received certification in Botox and dermal filler professional and anti-aging applications.

Sue loves to give people the chance to look youthful and confident about their appearance. Trust her – it works! If you would like to look 10 years younger again, Sue is glad to help you.

Sue has been a local Hamilton resident for decades And is proud to call Hamilton her home.

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