Play It Safe: Choose Botox
Over Plastic Surgery


Prior to Botox, most people preferred plastic surgery as a solution to their wrinkle and anti-aging problems. In fact, there had been a period when plastic surgery was selling like hotcakes.

Although many people who have undergone the knife reported numerous advantages of the said procedure – like enhancing the self-esteem and also achieving a younger looking skin – there are also some downsides to this treatment. Plastic surgery is considered as one of the invasive methods of cosmetic enhancement procedures because patients will have to undergo the knife in order to perform the procedure. Given this feature of plastic surgery, the associated risks are considered high.

Comparison of Plastic Surgery and Botox

Among the reported downside of plastic surgery involves several complications which can result in serious injury. Furthermore, should defects takes place or in the event of miscalculation, reversing the damage in plastic surgery would mean that the patient will again have to undergo corrective measures which can also only be done through surgery. Not to mention the painful and long recovery period that the patient has to endure.

After considering all these risks, the next best alternative is to consider Botox. Compared to plastic surgery, Botox is safer because it is non-invasive, the risks are very minimal, and it has been approved by the appropriate regulating agencies governing food and drug use.

This procedure does not require its patient to undergo any form of operation. All that is done during the treatment is to prick a very small and fine needle on the affected area and the entire treatment is over within 5-10 minutes generally. And much of that time is spent in consultation and conversation.

Since Botox only involves injection, there is no need to administer anesthesia which can be fatal if given in the wrong dose. The procedure only uses local or topical anesthesia if patients insist on having one for pain avoidance. The absence of surgery also warrants that deadly infection such as MRSA can be averted. As mentioned earlier, the Food and Drug Administration has already awarded their approval for the use of Botox for medical and cosmetic treatment. This guarantees that the highest standards are ensured.

Considering the Results of Botox

Yet again, this is not to assert that Botox is side effect free and without any risks. There were also reported incidents of stiffness and swelling, but that will go away on its own after a couple of days. That is why it is actually necessary to get a licensed and trained professional to perform this procedure, since they can also explain to the patient what needs to be done and what should not be done to avoid any ill effects that may show after the treatment.

Although the effect of this treatment is temporary, unlike plastic surgery, the procedure can be repeated. Well, plastic surgery can also be repeated, but who would want to undergo the same agonizing pain and lengthy recovery time if there is a painless alternative?

Going back to the results, it has been documented that Botox results can last for up to 9 months and even longer. This will have something to do with how your body responds to the treatment. Besides, visible results are evident within 4 to 7 days unlike in plastic surgery where you still have to wait for the long recovery period (weeks) before you can see any significant results.

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