Minimize The Appearance
Of Wrinkles With Botox


In the world of cosmetic surgery and beauty enhancement, Botox is becoming more and more popular. It is also the most requested treatment to address many skin-related problems, particularly in removing wrinkles and fine lines caused by skin aging. Botox is a brand name given to the protein that is being produced by bacteria known as Clostridium botulinum.

How Does Botox Work?

Generally, it relaxes the muscles which results to the correction of any misguided movement of the eye or forehead. It is also being used for the treatment of cervical dystonia or involuntary neck and shoulder muscle contraction. However, as mentioned earlier, it is most widely known for the treatment of wrinkles and fine facial lines.

Why Is Botox So popular?

The popularity and demand for Botox treatment could well be addressed to the fact that this is almost considered painless, unless of course you have a fear for needles. But overall, this treatment is a non-surgical procedure. This means that patients will not have to undergo the knife in order to get this kind of treatment. All they have to withstand is being pierced with a very fine needle in the face and, within minutes, the procedure is done.

Botox generally helps to prevent the contraction of facial muscles that eventually results in the formation of eye wrinkles or crow’s feet and other fine facial lines. Although these fine lines are a natural effects of the aging process, contributory factors also warrants the progression of these skin problems like;

  1. Facial expressions (i.e. smiling, frowning, and laughing)
  2. Excessive exposure to sunlight
  3. Stress

Botox is said to give optimum results. Distinguished and immediate improvements can be observed around the forehead area. In addition, many patients are also satisfied with how the horizontal and vertical lines within their eyebrow area had been significantly reduced. Physicians and cosmetic surgeons also attest to the effectiveness of using this kind of treatment in shaping and lifting the height of the eyebrow to achieve a more feminine and youthful appearance.

What Types Of Problems Can Botox Help?

Actually, Botox helps address three types of wrinkles which are;

  1. Forehead Wrinkles
  2. Eye Wrinkles
  3. Frown Wrinkles.

Respectively, each are defined and caused by different factors.

Forehead Wrinkles are often caused by our facial expressions like smiling and laughing. From the term itself, this type of wrinkle is found on the forehead. These are the horizontal creases we naturally see forming over the eyebrow area just below the hairline.

Eye Wrinkles, on the other hand, is also known as Crow’s Feet. They are normally found along the periorbital area or the outer portion of the eye. The loss of skin’s elasticity as we age and too much sun exposure is said to be the cause.

While the Frown Wrinkles – also called Glabella Wrinkles – are formed from frequent frowning. According to studies, frown wrinkles are associated to over-activity, excessive sun exposure, and frequent frowning. If forehead wrinkles are horizontal creases, frown wrinkles are vertical creases found in between the eyebrows.

A Botox procedure usually lasts for a few minutes. Results are noticeable within 2 to 10 days after the procedure, and recovery varies to individuals. Nevertheless, after several months if you still want to maintain the same youthful, rejuvenated look, then a regular appointment is necessary.

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