Men’s Myths About Botox


In 2011, 2.5 million were reported to have undergone Botox treatment while a fraction of that number cannot even be accounted for men, receiving the treatment with only 225,000 of the male population – getting things done using the protein-based injection treatment to enhance their looks.

And that population has been very discreet about it. That is understandable considering that there are a lot of misconceptions about men and Botox that are left without being properly discussed. Here are the top five urban legends about this treatment that men have been wondering about.

Urban Legend 1: Botox Treatment Will Make a Man Look Feminine or Stiff

Men should remember that although the serum is popularly termed as Botox Cosmetic, it doesn’t mean that it is a makeup like blush or lipstick. It is not aimed to make the skin look shinny, supple, or soft. It only relaxes the muscles to reduce the fine facial lines and wrinkles caused by the natural aging process or as a result from years of facial tortures, sun exposure, facial expressions, and stress. Since the procedure allows the administration of small units, it will not make the patient look stiff. In fact, it will still give the patient the same natural muscle movement even after the procedure.

Urban Legend 2: Botox Treatment is Very Costly

Although there is some truth into this, as a general rule, there is still a price to pay for looking good. It is almost the same thing as buying a watch or a sporty pair of sneakers. Besides, if it comes cheap, you can start to worry because something is wrong somewhere along that picture.

Urban Legend 3: Botox is Not for Straight Men

Contrary to that belief, most straight men are actually getting into the hype of this non-surgical procedure. Records would show that the procedure is now third among the most sought after beauty enhancement treatments by straight men, coming in after laser hair removal and liposuction.

Urban Legend 4: Botox is a Waste of Time Because of the Long and Tedious Process

Another misconception that men have about Botox is that it takes too long to prep, too long to perform, too long before the signs of treatment disappear, and too long for the results to be visible.

Sorry to break your bubbles about that guys, but here is where all of your assumptions are wrong. If you actually schedule the procedure, by the time you get to the doctor, performing the treatment may already have everything all set up. If not, a good five minutes is more than enough to get the needle ready. The entire procedure may only take 15 minutes from start to finish and you can already head back to office after since it is done in an outpatient basis. There are no very visible or obvious marks that you just had something done and the results are evident within 4 to 7 days.

Urban Legend 5: The Pain is Unbearable

So most big men are afraid of the needles. We can all try to understand that because you might be comparing the procedure to taking a flu shot or tetanus shot, but unlike the two injections mentioned, this treatment is different. Only a small needle, a fraction of the size of a regular one, with a small amount of liquid will be used. Some patients even compare the experience to a mosquito bite, so there is nothing to be worried about having to undergo excruciating pain. This is a large misconception.

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