How Much Botox
Product Is Necessary?

Typically, for newbies who would like to undergo surgical facial enhancement, they need to know a lot of details first before they get convinced to take the plunge.

This is not the same for those who wanted to have the non-surgical procedure of beauty enhancement that is becoming increasingly popular – the Botox Injections. This type of procedure is intended to reduce, if not totally remove, the natural signs of aging which includes facial lines and wrinkles. Naturally because of the hype, those who would like to look better and restore their youthful look would not be extravagant about it. Typically questions raised about this procedure would be “How much Botox is actually necessary in one procedure?”

Required Units of Botox

The amount of Botox used in facial enhancement procedures is measured in terms of units. A vial would have 100 units. Three problem areas that address wrinkles are:

  1. Glabella or the area in between the eyebrows
  2. Forehead
  3. Crow’s feet area or the area around the sides of eyes

Since this protein-based injection is typically used on the aforementioned problem areas, the amount of Botox to be used per session still varies on the location. For instance, sessions done on women would require at least 15-30 units to be injected if their problem areas include the glabella and the forehead. A lesser unit would be needed for the crow’s feet area which is only around 5 to 15 units.

Women’s Vs. Men’s Needs

Since we have already mentioned about women’s unit needs, it is important to also explain that men generally need higher doses or units when they undergo the procedure. This is because men have larger and stronger facial muscles as compared to women. In addition, the units to be used also depend on the results that patients want to see after going through the procedure.

If they go for the best possible result, they are required to use more units. However, if they want a softer and not so obvious result – where no one will notice that they have done some procedure to their faces – they could go for lesser units.

The amount of units to be injected on one’s face depends on how much facial expression and muscle movement would the patient want to have after the procedure has been done. Some might have probably encountered several celebrities and personalities who underwent the same procedure and noticed that they can hardly smile or even manage to raise their eyebrows. This is because high units of the protein-based injection had been used to them to ensure that the fine lines and wrinkles will totally disappear.

Outlined Information

So to simply put it out in the open, the amount of Botox needed for one procedure varies on several different aspects. These can be summarized into three considerations:

  1. Depending on which area of the face the patient would like to be addressed. The forehead and the area in between the eyes would require more units as compared to the area around the eye or the outer eye which may need fewer units.
  2. Men need more units than women because they have more prominent facial muscles.
  3. Depending on the results that patients would like to see after the procedure and how much of their facial expressions and muscle movements are to be retained after the injection.

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