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Holistic & Naturopathic Medicine, Massage TherapyAcupuncture, Nutritional Counselling & more are conveniently offered in one Hamilton location (Ancaster Meadowlands Power Centre) – just a stone’s throw from Stoney Creek or Burlington. We are your complete source for natural health care. Renew is a multi-disciplinary health clinic providing complete wellness services like;

Renew strives to offer you Hamilton’s very best complimentary health options and massage therapy services available.

  • Resolve your chronic health issues
  • Restore your wellness and vitality
  • Be pain free for the 1st time in years
  • Have stress not control your life
  • Feel energetic & revived all day
  • Get back to a “normal” life again

NEWS: Michelle has her New Natural Health Blog launched for your natural health journey! On this blog, you will find a preponderance of useful natural health tips on many and varied topics. There are over 80 brand new posts with dozens and dozens more waiting for publishing in the coming weeks. Be sure to visit, like us on FaceBook, tell your natural health friends and bookmark us. Learn more>>>

NEWS:  November 2015: Announcing the release of a New Edition of Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally (Crohn’s & Colitis book). Seek out the new information in the fully revised edition now available that is being used by Michelle’s Crohn’s and colitis patients to be Medication and Disease Symptom Free in 2 to 3 months!  Learn more>>>

Massage news:
1) Clara now offers Hot Stone Massage for the ultimate in massage therapy relaxation and pampering.

2) Richard now offers Foot Reflexology! Most people would never guess, but reflexology is as relaxing – if not more relaxing – than a regular full body massage. If you like to or need to relax, check out reflexology with Richard. Plus when Reflexology or Hot Stone massage are offered by an RMT, it can be used and submitted to your insurance as massage therapy because it fully falls within an RMT’s scope of practice. If you have benefits, you either use them or lose them every year. Why not use them? Benefits wise for a lot of people, that’s 4-6 awesome and highly relaxing appointments per year that simply have been passing you by.

3) Devin now offers Shiatsu Therapy at Renew. For the massage therapy enthusiast who especially loves deep tissue work, you will just adore Devin Briggs RMT and Shiatsu TherapistDevin and may very well get addicted to her probably. She’s soooo good. And Devin being an RMT, you can now get shiatsu and use your benefits. Whooo Hooo!!!!

Health Programs:

We provide effective solutions via safe and natural means. Plus we have cutting-edge, effective programs for;

For the 13 years that we have been pleased to serve the Hamilton and Stoney Creek areas, most people know us as a massage therapy clinic – though our wellness services are far broader. Acupuncture has gained great popularity as many clients have discovered its wonderful benefits and increased extended benefits coverage.

And for your convenience, we offer evening and weekend appointments for massage therapy and some services, and we are centrally located in the Ancaster Meadowlands (Hamilton area) in the Golf Town and Covers plaza with lots of free parking – only two minutes off Hamilton Hwy 403 and the Alexander Parkway! We are just a few quick minutes across the link from the Stoney Creek mountain as well.

For those who are not Hamilton locals and others who may have found us online, we even offer “telephone appointments” with Michelle Honda for Holistic Consultations to help get you back on the road to renewed health. So now you can be anywhere in the U.S. or Canada and get top notch quality professional advice for yourself and your family.

There are many many ways to rejuvenate and renew your health. If you are already into alternative health options, you may know some of these things. If you only know the mainstream options, a whole new world of safe, natural and effective solutions awaits your discovery.

Let us help you regain your health & vitality! Use your extended benefits to massage stress away or to discover acupuncture’s great effectiveness to eliminate your aches and pains. We can help you return to a vibrant phase of your life. Yes – you can feel rejuvenated once again. Thank you for visiting Renew Holistic Health.

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